5 Things That Can Make You Lose The Power Of Your Erections

Are you familiar with these factors that can cause weak erections?

Are you familiar with these factors that can cause weak erections?

I’m pretty sure that you hold your ability to get rock hard on demand close to your heart.

Besides being a sign that you’re always up for a sex session when the opportunity presents itself, rising up to the occasion when you’d like to also makes you feel like a real man each and every time.

Now while you don’t find it tricky to achieve a strong and lasting erection these days, there are some things that a lot of guys seem to overlook that can make their ability to get rock hard fizzle out sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to keep your erections as powerful as can be, make sure you follow along…

You hardly exercise.

For starters, one of the most important factors of always getting a strong erection is having a healthy heart.

And not making it a point to exercise when your schedule permits can make your ticker prone to health issues in the long run.

Working out vigorously for at least 15 minutes at least 3 times a week will already do the trick.

You light up when you get the urge.

Sure having a hit of nicotine when you’re feeling stressed can hit the spot, but lighting up also leads to a nasty effect: it gradually constricts the blood vessels, disrupting the ideal flow of circulation in the body before you know it.

And since the erectile tissues in the penis need a specific amount of circulation to firm it up, you could be in for some weak erections if you are a regular smoker.

You down two or more drinks a day.

Now while having a serving or two of your favorite brew like red wine or beer does have its sexual benefits, overdoing it can already lead to some issues that can prevent you from getting rock hard when you need to.

See, excessive amounts of alcohol tend to numb out the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal. And this could get worse as time goes by.

Keep in mind to have two servings of your favorite drink daily and you’ll be fine.

You regular diet isn’t healthy.

Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function like it should. And this also includes getting an erection going.

Make it a point to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Now while I’m not saying that you should totally swear off your favorite comfort foods and drinks from your diet, enjoying them occasionally is just fine.

You worry too much.

Making it a habit to worry too much simply promotes a surge in stress hormones in your body, which can upset the overall sexual arousal process leading to problems getting and maintaining a stable erection as well as coming way sooner than you’d like to.

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