How To Get Her Talking On A First Date

So you'd like her to open up to you on your first date...

So you’d like her to open up to you on your first date…

Exchanging meaningful ideas is perhaps the most crucial step when it comes to establishing a connection with a woman during a first date.

Besides getting to know her better, you’re also going to find out a few bits and pieces that you can use to your advantage when it comes to dazzling her as you go along.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, though, getting a conversation going with your date isn’t that tricky to pull off.

I’ve picked up a few useful pointers here and there that can help boost your chances of really making her open up to you during your first date.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Ask a very simple question.

Most guys believe that starting the ball rolling with something difficult and technical gives the woman they’re going out with the notion that they’re intelligent.

However, this move is just going to backfire before you know it.

Although it is true that women find smart as sexy, she’ll just think that you’re trying too hard when you do this.

Ask her a very simple question instead like what her favorite dessert is. You’ll be surprised with how much eager she’ll be to respond.

Go for trivial topics.

Like the previous pointer I shared, make it a point to go for the trivial stuff when you’re looking to make her open up to you.

There are actually countless ways to do this.

Besides asking her what the name of her first pet is, you can also ask her what TV series she’s following these days.

Maintain appropriate eye contact.

Not getting and maintaining appropriate eye contact with a woman when you’re looking to get a conversation going is a big no-no.

This is because she will just think you’re creepy.

If you’re like some guys who can’t get proper eye contact going, you can simply focus on the bridge of her nose to help you start things off.

Switch your phone to silent.

Doing this every few minutes will simply give the woman you’re out with the idea that you’re bored and not really into her.

And this can easily make her feel anxious, uncomfortable and awkward. Well, you already get the idea on how your first date will turn out.

Keep in mind to save those texts, tweets, status updates and similar stuff for later or else she’ll go mum on you.

This applies to your watch as well.

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