4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Rock Hard Like You Used To

Are your erections getting weaker these days?

Are your erections getting weaker these days?

Of all the attributes that you consider manly, chances are achieving a strong and lasting erection is on the top of your checklist.

Besides being a sign that you’re ready to rock and roll in the bedroom with a woman and knock her socks off with loads of pleasurable sensations, you’re also going to be in for an awesome time as well while at it.

But there’s just one setback…

You’re simply noticing that you are not getting hard like you used to these days.

Now while this problem can be rather upsetting, there’s no need to worry just yet or perhaps reach for artificial products like gels, creams and pills that claim to bring back the power and intensity of your erections.

Chances are you’re only making the following mistakes that prevent your body from really rising up to the occasion…

You don’t drink lots of water.

For starters, having ideal circulation is a necessity when it comes to rising up to the occasion during sexual arousal.

The erectile tissues in the penis need to absorb all the blood they need to firm up. Unless the ideal amount of circulation is directed to them, you will either have a weak erection or not get hard at all.

Making sure you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily keeps your blood channels in tiptop shape.

Your regular diet isn’t healthy.

What you load up in a regular basis makes or breaks your chances of getting rock hard on demand.

See, you’re going to have quality erections if you eat and drink the good stuff like fresh fruits, vegetables and loads of fiber. The opposite happens when you mostly go for edibles that aren’t good for you.

You light up when you feel the urge.

Cigarette smoke contains all sorts of harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and butane that can significantly impair the function and suppleness of veins, arteries and blood vessels.

Sure lighting up when you feel stressed or looking to “think clearer” can be a good idea, but it’s actually one of the worst habits – especially in terms of your erections.

Apart from the chemicals that can sap your erection, your lungs and other vital organs could be at risk when you smoke habitually as well.

You miss out on exercise.

Sweating it out as often as you can keeps your heart in the pink, which oversees the more than usual amount of circulation that’s needed to give the erectile tissues in the penis the blood they need to rock and roll.

Try doing low-impact exercises like jogging and biking for at least 15 minutes daily and you’ll see a difference.

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