5 Ways To Blow Your Chances Of Getting A Second Date

You'll blow your chances at a second date when you do these.

You’ll blow your chances at a second date when you do these.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are scoring a second date with the woman you’ve got your eye on is the top item in your checklist as soon as she agrees to go out with you.

Sure you may have heard how self-proclaimed “dating gurus” say that pulling off just that is as easy as doing a few almost magical things, but I think that it’s all bull.

Now while I won’t be giving pointers on how to convince a woman to go on a second date with you in the future (because that’s entirely up to you), I’ll just share a few mistakes I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that can keep her from saying yes when you do ask her.

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You don’t let her in on the planning.

Although the norm when it comes to first dates is that the guy should be the one planning the whole thing, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of brownie points when you don’t ask her for some inputs like  where she wants to go or the food and drinks she prefers.

See, besides making your date feel that you’re really into her, you’ll also know a few things about her that you can use to your advantage sooner or later.

You arrive late.

Even showing up 5 minutes late on a date will already make a woman feel that you’re not really interested in her.

And just to top the whole thing off, she’s also going to think that you don’t have the right time management skills, which makes her feel anxious. Just imagine how your first date will turn out when she feels this way.

You don’t plan your outfit.

Dress to impress is the way to go when you’re going out with a woman for the first time. Keep in mind to give her the notion that you’ve got a mature fashion sense and you’re on your way to making her feel comfortable around you.

You know how women are very much into fashion, right?

You don’t ask trivial questions.

Knowing how to break the ice is crucial if you’re looking to engage a woman in a meaningful conversation and eventually convince her to go out again with you.

Starting things off with serious topics like politics and the economy won’t cut it, no matter how intelligent you think you’ll look. Believe me she’ll just think you’re a blowhard.

Go for trivial questions instead. You will be surprised how much eager she’ll open up to you.

You don’t maintain eye contact.

Not having appropriate eye contact with your date will just make you look like a creep. Seriously.

If you’re having a problem getting and maintain proper eye contact, simply focus on the top of the bridge of her nose.

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