Seemingly Innocent Mistakes That Make You Prone To Weakened Erections

Feeling your erections are losing their usual intensity?

Feeling your erections are losing their usual intensity?

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you consider your ability to achieve strong and lasting erections as one of your biggest assets.

Besides knowing that you’ve got the ability to knock your lover’s socks off when the action starts between the sheets, you’re also in for loads and loads of pleasurable sensations yourself while at it.

Now here’s the situation…

You’re just noticing that your erections are lacking their usual pep these days. And it’s already getting you anxious that you’re on the brink of losing your ability to get rock hard sooner or later.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. It’s possible that you’re just making the following mistakes that are sapping the power of your erections…

Not keeping your stress levels in check.

See, the brain activates the hormone-producing glands to release a more than usual amount of positive hormones to direct more blood flow to the pelvic region, where it’s going to be absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis.

As soon as these tissues absorb all the blood they need, you’re going to rise up to the occasion.

However, something else happens when your stress levels are off the charts. Negative hormones get in the picture and disrupt the function of their positive counterparts.

You’re not loading up on the right stuff.

Having the right options in your regular diet doesn’t just ensure that your body maintains its ideal nourishment, but also keeps your blood channels like the blood vessels, veins and arteries up to par.

This doesn’t just keep the circulation to the erectile tissues in the penis ideal, but also make achieving erections any time you’re feeling rather frisky easy.

You don’t remember the last time you exercised.

Sweating it out in a regular basis helps keep your heart in the pink, which plays a key role when it comes to directing blood flow to the areas where it’s really needed during sexual arousal.

Not exercising as often like you should will simply lead to issues that can prevent your heart from working at its best sooner or later.

Not masturbating regularly.

You can easily think of masturbation as a “practice activity” for lovemaking.

Sure you may usually be by your lonesome when you masturbate, but you’re still experiencing the key changes your body goes through to get ready for a sex session.

Interestingly, your ability to get rock hard also gets practiced in the process as well. And practice makes perfect, right?

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