4 Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Chances Of Scoring A Second Date

Avoid these first date no-no's.

Avoid these first date no-no’s.

I’m betting that convincing a woman to go out with you another time is the biggest priority on your first date checklist.

And unlike what a lot of so-called “pickup artists” are saying, doing just that isn’t about making her feel that you’re the alpha male or perhaps wearing loud clothes to give her the notion that she should only focus her attention on you.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes and think it over for a moment. If the guy you’re having a first date with acts like a jerk and has a bad fashion taste, would you go out with him again?

There you go.

Just to keep you in the know of how to make a first date successful, I’ll point out a few more mistakes that can ruin your chances of convincing a woman to go out with you again that you may be probably making…

First Date Mistake #1: Overthinking.

Now while it’s crucial that you make your first date as perfect as you can, allowing yourself to get too stressed about the whole thing is just going to be counter-productive.

It’s just going to promote a surge of negative hormones in your body that will just make you act and talk awkwardly, which will just lead to disaster sooner or later.

First Date Mistake #2: Not involving her with the planning.

Sure most guys think that the responsibility of planning and organizing a first date solely falls on them, but this is actually a big mistake.

Besides making a woman feel that you really care for what she likes, you’re also going to know some personal things about her that you can use to dazzle her as you go along.

First Date Mistake #3: Being late.

Here’s the thing…

You’re simply setting yourself up for disaster if you arrive late on a first date.

This is because she’ll think that you don’t have time management skills, which will give her the notion that you’re an irresponsible man.

I know this sounds rather harsh, but making it a point to arrive on a first date at least 10 minutes earlier is the smart way to go.

First Date Mistake #4: Not listening intently.

It’s not just about expressing the right ideas when you’re engaging your date in a meaningful discussion.

You also have to listen intently to what she says.

Besides giving her the notion that you’re really interested in her, you’re also going to pick up some personal things about her that you can use to earn some more brownie points in the process.

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