3 Foreplay Moves You Should Have In Your Checklist

Fire her up for lovemaking with these foreplay tips.

Fire her up for lovemaking with these foreplay tips.

Getting a woman as sexually aroused as you can is essential when it comes to blowing her mind during lovemaking.

Aside from getting her body ready to experience as much pleasurable sensations as it can when the action starts, giving her a bout of awesome foreplay also sets her up for an orgasm as you go along.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, though, foreplay isn’t about doing the things that your lover likes over and over until she’s good and ready.

And doing just that is going to lead to a flat and boring foreplay even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

However, I’ve picked up some really useful foreplay pointers during my extensive research that you can use if you’re looking to take the whole thing to a new level.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Talk dirty.

Now while this may sound surprising right now, you’re basically getting her brain going when you talk to her dirty in the bedroom.

And just to remind you, a woman’s brain is perhaps the most vital of all erogenous zones in her body. It is basically the one overseeing that your body gets to trigger the changes it needs to get sexually aroused.

If you’re able to set off her brain during foreplay, you’re definitely on the right track.

Don’t go for the obvious erogenous zones.

I’m pretty sure that you usually make a beeline for your partner’s clitoris and breasts when foreplay is in session.

Sure they may be two of the most sensitive erogenous zones that you can pleasure, but she may be already expecting that you’re going for them in the process. And her pleasure levels will take a nosedive when this happens.

Use the element of surprise to your advantage and go for lesser known erogenous zones like the inner thighs, back of the neck as well as the soles of her feet.

Multitasking is key.

Always keep in mind that foreplay is all about prepping up a woman for sexual penetration.

Make it a point to give her the most pleasurable sensations as you can when you’re at it to really pick up the pace on building up her sexual arousal as well as getting her natural juices flowing down there.

Besides stimulating her breasts, you can also fondle her inner thighs or perhaps diddle her clitoris while at it.

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