4 Things That Can Ruin Her Chances Of Reaching The Big O

These things can keep her from cumming during sex.

These things can keep her from cumming during sex.

I’m pretty sure that your top priority when things are already getting hot in the bedroom is making your lover achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

Sure this may sound surprising right now, but the thing is you may be unknowingly disrupting her from reaching the Big O during lovemaking.

So if you’re looking to really knock her socks off when you and your partner are at it between the sheets, make sure you take note of the following factors…

Her sexual arousal levels.

Let’s kick things off with perhaps the most important factor of all when you’re aiming to give her an orgasm during sex anytime soon.

See, a woman’s chances of reaching the point of no return when you’re at it in bed becomes higher if she’s really fired up for sex.

This is because the same positive hormones that make her sexually aroused are also responsible for getting her on track to an orgasm.

Your speed and rhythm.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it’s not the quantity of pleasurable sensations that a woman experiences during sex that makes her cum.

It’s actually the quality of these sensations.

What’s interesting is women tend to feel these pleasurable sensations more intensely if you go at it slowly and surely.

Going fast and furious not just reduces the pleasure she feels, but also makes you vulnerable to premature ejaculation.

The techniques you’re using.

Sure you may already have an idea of the things she likes when you’re already heating things up on the bedroom, but simply focusing on them each time you and your lover have sex will just make things flat for her.

Besides making it a point to mix things up when the two of you are getting frisky in bed, it is also important that you cover as much erogenous zones as you can in the process and not just concentrate on one or two.

Your sexy talk.

I know this sounds a bit weird right now, but the brain is a key erogenous zone that you should stimulate when it comes to giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Keep in mind to give her a bout of sexy talk during lovemaking. You can pull this off by complimenting her how hot she looks or how pleasurable it is for you to work your sexual magic on her.

You’ll be surprised with the results when you combine sexy talk with your proven lovemaking techniques, too.

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