4 Factors That Can Easily Ruin Her Orgasm

Avoid these factors that can prevent her from getting an orgasm.

Avoid these factors that can prevent her from getting an orgasm.

I’m betting that giving your lover an orgasm is the top priority in your sexual checklist when the both of you are already at it in the bedroom.

It basically gives her the notion that making love with you is always going to be an amazing experience and convincing her to rock and roll between the sheets isn’t going to be tricky when you’re feeling hot to trot.

Now while you may already have some tricks up your sleeve when it comes to making her reach the Big O in bed, I’ve come across key factors that can easily ruin her orgasm during my extensive research into the female sexuality.

So if you’re looking to really make her come the next time you’re working your magic on her in the bedroom, here are some things that you need to consider to knock her socks off…

You need to get her totally sexually aroused.

Some men tend to mistakenly think that making a woman reach orgasm primarily involves giving the vagina and clitoris the stimulation they need.

Although pleasuring these erogenous zones should be on your sexual checklist if you’re looking to boost your chances of making her come, you need to get her really fired up for lovemaking first so they can produce the pleasurable sensations that they’re capable of.

You have to vary your techniques.

Sure your partner likes having her nipples licked or perhaps her vagina sexually penetrated while you gently rub her anus, but simply doing the same things over and over tend to make her think that the things you’re doing are already flat and boring.

Make it a point to always mix things up when you’re at it in the bedroom to keep her on her toes during the sexual action.

You need to ask her to guide you.

As a guy, you probably think that it’s your job to hunt and find the erogenous zones and sexual techniques that give her the most pleasure.

But the thing is it is also important that you ask her guidance while the action is going on in bed. Besides helping you really hit the spot with your stimulation techniques, she’s also going to feel that you’re really into her sexually, which boosts her pleasure levels while at it.

You need to put her pleasure first before yours.

Putting your lover’s sexual pleasure first will reflect on your actions and the techniques you’ll do in bed.

Just keep in mind that you need to knock her socks off first before it’s your turn to have your fun. Believe me, your sexual moves will be much more sensual, smoother and likely to give her an orgasm when you do this.

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