3 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Pleasuring Her Breasts

These breast stimulation tips will surely help you blow her mind.

These breast stimulation tips will surely help you blow her mind.

It’s no secret that guys have a fascination with women’s breasts. And I’m pretty sure that you always include them in your sexual checklist each time things get extra steamy in the bedroom with you and your lover.

Sure the breasts are quite abundant with sensitive nerve endings that have the ability to produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated the right way, but there are some key things you need to remember to really give your lover an experience she won’t forget anytime soon when you work your magic on them.

So if you’re looking to really knock her socks off the next time you pleasure her breasts, make sure you keep the following pointers in mind…

They need time to prep up for action.

Unlike what you see in porn movies where the actors usually make a beeline for the actresses’ boobs as soon as the scene kicks off, doing it in real life will only make her feel either awkward or uncomfortable.

See, akin to the clitoris that needs a bit of time to get ready, the sensitive nerve endings in the breasts also need some time to churn out pleasurable sensations. This means going fast and furious will just lead to disaster.

And when you rush the whole thing by stimulating your partner’s breasts prematurely, the sensations that she’ll feel won’t be like you expected. It’s also smart to remember that going slow and easy helps intensify the sensations that she’ll feel.

Don’t go straight to the nipples.

Although the temptation to immediately get busy on her nipples is just too great to shake off when you pleasure your lover’s breasts, zeroing in on them as soon as you can will just produce sensations that are more annoying than awesome for her.

Make it a point to start things off by pleasuring the sides of your partner’s breasts.

Besides making her feel teased, which will boost her excitement levels, her body will also churn out more positive hormones like oxytocin and dopamine that make it easier for her to achieve orgasm as you go along your sex session.

Vary your stimulation techniques.

Now while you may already know the things that your lover likes when you’re working your magic on her breasts, keep in mind to go at it with different techniques and pressure levels.

This prevents her from thinking that you’re doing the same things again and again each time you work your magic on her breasts, which makes the pleasurable sensations she feels dip down.

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