4 Key Factors To Consider When Giving Her Oral Sex

Keep these factors in mind when you're looking to go down on her.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re looking to go down on her.

Awesome oral sex and mind-blowing orgasms are pretty much connected with each other.

You’re sure to give your lover the latter when you explore south of her border like you should when things are already heating up in bed.

Now while you may already have a checklist of the spots to stimulate as well as the techniques that you should bring into play when you go down on your partner, I’ve learned some useful pointers during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you take her oral sex satisfaction through the roof.

Let me explain what I mean…

Oral sex booster #1: Prioritize her comfort.

Before you start getting busy with your mouth, lips and tongue on your lover’s nether regions, make it a point to ensure that she’s really comfortable.

See, her level of comfort is crucial when it comes to her body’s ability to produce and release positive hormones. These hormones basically set off her sexual arousal and activate her orgasmic responses.

The more positive hormones are in her body, the higher your chances are when it comes to knocking her socks off during oral sex.

(And you can kick things off by cleaning and organizing your bedroom.)

Oral sex booster #2: Vary your positions.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, giving a woman oral sex isn’t just about making her spread her legs so you can start stimulating her erogenous zones like the clitoris, vulva, “the treasure trail” and inner thighs.

You can experiment with how you can pleasure these spots by varying your positions from time to time. You can begin your oral sex session with her on her back, then with her bending over and with her kneeling.

You surely won’t make her feel bored during the whole thing because there are practically countless ways to pull this off.

Oral sex booster #3: Mix it up.

Keep in mind to always mix things up as you go along during your oral sex session.

Besides frequently changing the pressure you apply on her erogenous zones down there, make it a point to use a different technique every few minutes to keep her guessing what will happen next.

And since she’ll be on her toes when you’re doing this, you’ll just make her more sexually aroused and excited. How’s that for two for two?

Oral sex booster #4: Ask for directions.

Remember to ask her where she wants to be stimulated next and how you should do it. You’ll be surprised with the awesome input that you’ll get from her when you do this.




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