3 Very Important Things To Remember When Planning A First Date

So you're planning a first date...

So you’re planning a first date…

Careful planning plays a very important role in making a first date successful.

Besides helping you prepare the best way you can for the big event to boost your chances of acing the whole thing, you’re also reducing the risks of going through some awkward moments during the same.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying, planning for a first date isn’t just about looking and smelling good.

Now while keeping a close eye on your grooming is something that you shouldn’t overlook in your first date checklist, there are also other very important things you need to keep in mind to really pull it off…

Let her in on the action.

Most guys mistakenly believe that planning a first date is their sole responsibility. This is actually one big misconception.

Planning a first date is supposed to be an activity between you and the woman that you’re going out on a first date.

Apart from making her feel that you really value her inputs, which means extra brownie points for you, my friend, you’re also having a preview of the stuff she likes that you can take note of in your checklist.

You’re sure to gather a lot of meaningful information like the food she likes as well as the activities she enjoys doing.

Don’t choose a very luxurious place.

Sure you may think that going for the most luxurious venue for your first date is the best strategy, it can easily lead to disaster during the big day (or night, which is which).

Although picking a nice place that your date will find comfortable and cozy is an essential, overdoing it will just make her feel that she’s going to a job interview or a similar event.

This will simply promote a surge of stress hormones in her body that will make her feel nervous, anxious and rather impatient, which already gives you an idea of how your first date will go.

List down trivial things to talk about.

Sure opening up a conversation with something tricky and complicated may seem like a good idea, but it will just make her think that you’re trying too hard to impress her.

Make it a point to break the ice with trivial stuff like asking your date what her favorite cartoon character is or perhaps the ice cream flavor she loves.

You’ll be surprised how the conversation will flow meaningfully as you go along.

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