Oral Sex Mistakes That Can Ruin The Experience For Her

These mistakes will ruin oral sex for her.

These mistakes will ruin oral sex for her.

Going down on your lover is definitely one of the ways that you can really knock her socks off when things get hot in the bedroom.

Besides giving her an overload of pleasurable sensations when you give her clitoris and vulva the oral attention that they deserve, you’re also boosting her chances of having a mind-blowing orgasm or two while at it.

Sure you may already have an idea how to pull the whole thing off, but some guys tend to overlook a few mistakes that can prevent her from really enjoying the experience even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are to really take her pleasure levels off the charts the next time you’re exploring south of her border…

You go fast and furious immediately.

A lot of men mistakenly think that oral sex is all about zeroing in on a woman’s sexy bits and stimulating them with their lips, tongue and mouth the moment the action starts.

Although you need to stimulate your lover’s erogenous zones like the vulva, vagina and clitoris to get them producing pleasurable sensations, immediately making a beeline for them as soon as you get the chance will only lead to disaster.

Instead of producing pleasurable sensations, she will just feel awkward and uncomfortable, which can easily disrupt her overall oral sex experience.

Besides giving your partner the notion that you’re teasing her, you’ll also boost her sexual arousal when you go down on her as slowly as you can.

Don’t go straight to the clitoris.

Now while the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body, stimulating it before it’s really ready will prevent it from churning out the loads and loads of pleasurable sensations that it’s able to produce.

Always keep in mind to get her completely sexually aroused first before even thinking about pleasuring the clitoris when you explore south of her border.

(Here’s an awesome clitoral stimulation move you can use to blow her mind when you are already at it, too.)

You think you know everything you need to know.

Sure you may have gone down on your partner lots of times already and have an idea of the things that get her going during oral sex, but it’s still very smart to ask her how you should run the show.

Come to think of it. Who knows best what will get your lover off than her, right?

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