3 Reasons Why She’s Finding It Tricky To Get Ready For Sex

These are the reasons why she's finding it tricky to get sexually aroused.

These are the reasons why she’s finding it tricky to get sexually aroused.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you don’t find it tricky to get ready for a lovemaking session.

It only takes a mere peek at your lover’s sexy bits or perhaps a whiff of her perfume to turn you on. But the thing is it’s entirely a whole new different ballgame for your partner.

She needs to be eased into it the right way or else she’ll just end up not getting ideally sexually aroused or not even close to it at all.

And now you’re simply noticing that your lover is taking longer to get ready between the sheets these days. This doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to getting her going for lovemaking, though.

Chances are you’re just making the following mistakes that keep her sexual arousal levels from really taking off…

You’re not keeping an eye on your hygiene.

Your smell and appearance are two of the most important factors that can make or break your chances of getting a woman sexually aroused.

If they’re not kept up to par as they should, there’s a big possibility that your lover won’t be bumping headboards with you anytime soon because she’s just going to have a surge of stress hormones in her body even when you’re already bringing your best moves into play.

And if you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that stress hormones only make women feel impatient and awkward.

Make it a point to always keep your hygiene in check to get on the right track.

You’re not keeping your bedroom in apple pie order.

Women are very particular with cleanliness and organization.

And if your bedroom isn’t kept as clean and organized as can be, your partner will have a problem getting ready for action in bed because she’ll just be preoccupied with the mess.

Keep in mind to give your bedroom the TLC it deserves and you’re sure to boost your chances of getting your lover going for a sex session.

You’re doing the same moves again and again.

Sure you may already have an idea of the moves that your partner likes when you’re already getting frisky in the bedroom, but doing it again and again will significantly reduce the pleasure and excitement levels that they can set off.

Make it a point to update your sexual checklist from time to time to prevent this from happening.

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