Always Keep Clear From These Anal Sex Mistakes!

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really give her an amazing experience.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really give her an amazing experience.

Chances are anal sex has always been in your list of things to try when you and your lover are already getting frisky in the bedroom.

And now that you’ve finally convinced your partner to give it a go, it’s really important that you give her an awesome time or else making her say yes to another anal sex session in the near future will be close to impossible.

So make sure you keep these anal sex mistakes to really make the experience as pleasurable for her as it will be for you…

Anal sex mistake #1: Not taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

Unlike the stuff that you see in porn where the women only need a few moments to get ready for anal action, it’s entirely different in real life.

Your partner needs to be really sexually aroused before you can actually penetrate her anus. This is because besides from firing up her adventurous side in bed, she will also feel more relaxed and consenting while at it.

Sexually penetrating your lover in the anus before she is really ready will just be very awkward and uncomfortable for her. And do you think she’ll give it another go if you do it this way?

(Here’s a quick move that you can use to get her going.)

Anal sex mistake #2: Not stocking up on a lot of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the ability to produce natural lubrication like the vagina does, so you’ll need to apply lube to start the party.

No lube means she’ll simply think of the whole experience as a disaster and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Make it a point to get your hands on a lot of lubrication because apart from having to apply and re-apply frequently as you go along, some varieties tend to dry out quicker compared to their counterparts.

And in case you need a bit of help with how much you’re going to stock up on, try aiming for the amount you think is ideal and double it.

Anal sex mistake #3: Not getting her input as you go along.

Women experience different sensations when their anuses are sexually penetrated. Some may like the whole thing slow and smooth, while others prefer a more energetic pace.

Keep in mind to ask her how she likes it while the action’s going on. Remember that if she’s not getting the pleasure that she expects, your chances of convincing her for another anal sex session will be very low.

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