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Lasting sooner than you'd like to in bed these days?

Lasting sooner than you’d like to in bed these days?

I’m pretty sure that lasting for as long as you can during lovemaking is a priority in your sexual checklist to really give a woman the satisfaction she’s looking for in the bedroom.

Besides giving her loads of pleasurable sensations, your chances of making her reach the Big O while at it are also going to be much higher.

However, the problem is you’re simply noticing that your bedroom playing time isn’t as long as it used to these days. And it’s already getting you feeling worried and anxious, too.

There’s no need to reach for pills, gels and creams that promise to stave off premature ejaculation, though.

Here are 3 simple and natural ways that will help you pull the whole thing off in no time…

Remember to relax!

Now while it’s not uncommon that you’re going to get fired up when things are already getting hot in the bedroom, allowing yourself to get too sexually aroused can make you come sooner than you’d like to.

This is because your body will have a surge of positive hormones that will activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses earlier than it should.

When these hormones reach a certain level, the brain sees this as a signal that your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses should already be activated.

Keep in mind not to get carried away when the action’s already hot and you’re off to a good start.

Don’t forget to stimulate her using other means.

Some guys tend to mistakenly think that women will only get sexual pleasure if they’re sexually penetrated with their members.

You can actually knock your partner’s socks off during sex using other ways like pleasuring her vagina and erogenous zones with your mouth, lips and tongue as well as using your fingers to penetrate her.

(Here’s an oral sex essential that you should always keep in mind, too.)

You can also alternate your pleasuring techniques to prevent popping off too soon during your sex session.

Make her orgasm your top priority.

Did you know that your mind plays a very important role when it comes to how long you’ll last during sex?

Always make sure you put her sexual pleasure on top of yours. Tell your brain not to start up your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses before she’s had an orgasm to condition your mind to do so.

I know this sounds rather odd right now, but you’ll be surprised with the results.

Looking to boost your confidence levels? Read this.

Looking to boost your confidence levels? Read this.

Confidence is one of the key things that women look for guys when they’re going on a date.

If the woman you’re out with thinks that you don’t have enough of it, chances are your date with her won’t turn out like you’ve expected.

She will just think you’re not a man that she should be on a date with.

Similarly, having too much confidence isn’t going to cut it either because you will already give her the notion that you’re plain arrogant.

With that said, let’s go over some simple ways to jumpstart your confidence boost…

Be committed to it.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “pickup artists” are saying, being suitably confident isn’t something that you can achieve in a snap.

You’ve got work on it in a committed and determined manner to really pull the whole thing off in the long run.

See, when it comes to being confident, the phrase “practice makes perfect” still applies.

Improve your overall hygiene and grooming.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that looking and smelling great should definitely be on your list of dating priorities if you’re looking to wow a woman on a date.

Interestingly, having the knowledge that you look and smell good causes a surge of positive hormones in the body that will not just improve your mood, but will also make you move, talk and act in a more relaxed manner.

Don’t forget to brush and floss regularly, use deodorant, shower in a daily basis as well as trim your nails and you’ll be on the right track in no time.

Flaunt the things that you’re good at.

Although women think that intelligence is a positive attribute, portraying that you’re a know-it-all is already a turn off.

Make it a point to only talk about things that you really know about when socializing with a woman or else your ego – and confidence – will be shattered with a rejection out from nowhere unexpectedly.

Believe in yourself.

Aiming to be more confident as a guy without actually believing in yourself is simply going to be hopeless no matter how hard you try. It takes a lot of faith in yourself to really get the job done.

Now while the road to being more self-confident can look and feel harrowing, you’ll just be surprised with the results when you push on.

Don't let your ability to get rock hard get rusty.

Don’t let your ability to get rock hard get rusty.

I’m pretty sure that getting a powerful and lasting erection is the top item in your sexual checklist when things are becoming extra steamy between the sheets.

Now while you may not be having any issues at all when it comes to rising up to the occasion these days, your ability to get rock hard on demand could be in jeopardy sooner or later if you’re not keeping the following things in mind…

Strong Erection Tip #1: Visit your dentist regularly.

I know this sounds surprising right now, but not making it a point to drop by your dentist’s clinic every 5 to 6 months can have a very big impact on your erections.

See, having diseased gums and teeth can lead to breaks into the blood vessels that run in and around the oral regions.

These breaks can allow bad bacteria to infiltrate the bloodstream and subsequently prevent the ideal amount of circulation directed to the erectile tissues in the penis during sexual arousal from getting to where they’re needed in the long run.

If you’ve got a bad tooth or perhaps bleeding and swollen gums, don’t ignore it and instead schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you can.

Strong Erection Tip #2: Watch your salt intake.

Although salt is needed to give food flavor, loading up on too much of it in a regular basis can disrupt your body’s ideal blood pressure levels, which causes a condition called hypertension.

Besides making you prone to heart disease and stroke, hypertension also keeps the blood channels like the blood vessels, veins and arteries from functioning properly.

This makes it really tough for them to get blood to the erectile tissues in the penis when you’re sexually aroused. It’s either you will end up with a weak erection that will fizzle out sooner than you’d like to or not get hard at all.

Strong Erection Tip #3: Limit your sitting time.

Did you know that habitually sitting for very long periods of time can have an effect on your ability to get an erection?

This is because some of the blood channels in and around the pelvic region tend to get constricted and their overall function will be affected sooner or later when this happens.

Make it a point to stand up and do some light exercises every 10 to 15 minutes if sitting for a long period is inevitable.

It’s also a good idea to keep from wearing skinny jeans while you’re at it, too.

Don't ever believe these sex myths!

Don’t ever believe these sex myths!

I’m really disappointed with the stuff that a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying nowadays.

Apart from saying that you’ll become more and more prone to premature ejaculation when you’ve experienced it for the first time during lovemaking, they’re also claiming that only pills, creams and similar artificial products can fix erectile dysfunction.

These bits and pieces of “advice” are not just plain inaccurate, but can also put you at risk to a number of health issues if you follow them.

Here are also some sex myths that you probably believe in, but should always keep clear of…

Sex Myth #1: You don’t have to use a condom because she’s on the pill.

Now while using pills is one of the best ways that a woman can prevent an unwanted pregnancy, deliberately neglecting to use a condom when you’re having sex with her can still lead to one.

Although the chances are very low, risking it will just lead to disaster sooner or later. Make it a point to put a condom on to be really safe. You’ll also stave off the possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases while at it as well.

Sex Myth #2: Wearing two condoms at the same time provides a lot more protection.

Sure the idea of putting on two condoms at once seems to be a good idea when it comes to staving off STD’s and unwanted pregnancy, but it’s actually one of the worst decisions that you’ll ever make.

They will only tend to break before you know it because of the increased friction between them, which can even result to leakage in the process.

Moreover, never open a condom’s package with your teeth to avoid breakage while doing so.

Sex Myth #3: Applying more pressure on the clitoris means more pleasure for her.

The clitoris is no doubt the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body with it having more than twice the amount of nerve endings compared to the penis.

But the thing is it only needs the slightest amount of pressure during stimulation so it will produce pleasurable sensations.

Sex Myth #4: You should always do the same thing during sex to establish a pattern and make her come.

A woman’s sexual preferences tend to change from time to time. Your lovemaking session will simply end up boring and flat for her if you don’t mix things up each time you can in bed.