4 Important Oral Sex Pointers You Need To Always Remember

These oral sex tips will surely blow her mind.

These oral sex tips will surely blow her mind.

Going down on your lover is perhaps one of the best ways to knock her socks off during your sex session.

However, a lot of men mistakenly believe that pulling the whole thing off is simply about making a beeline for her genitals as soon as things get extra steamy between the sheets, stimulate like crazy and they’re good to go.

Besides making a woman feel awkward and rather uncomfortable, it will also trigger her brain to release stress hormones that will simply raise her anxiety levels, which already gives you a pretty clear idea of how your oral sex session will turn out.

So if you’re really looking to blow your partner’s mind the next time you go down on her, make sure you keep these pointers in mind…

Get her mind going first.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably think that getting at it when the action’s already hot in the bedroom is the best way to go during oral sex.

But the thing is it will just lead to disaster before you know it because her body doesn’t have the right amount of positive hormones that will really get her going for the same yet.

Make it a point to stimulate your lover’s mind first to get her in the zone and you’re on your way to giving her amazing oral sex.

Don’t immediately zero in on her erogenous zones.

A lot of men make the mistake of immediately stimulating the clitoris or the vulva during oral sex.

Sure these erogenous zones can produce a lot of pleasurable sensations when stimulated properly, but not allowing them to get really fired up for action will just make the stimulation you do feel flat.

Make it a point to start things off by teasing the sides of her erogenous zones. Besides making her anticipate the pleasurable sensations that she’ll experience, you’re also boosting her excitement levels in the process.

Slow and easy does it.

Now while the idea of getting fast and furious during oral sex may give you the notion that your partner is going to have loads and loads of pleasurable sensations while at it, it’s actually the opposite.

You’ll be just surprised when you do it slow and easy.

Ask her for directions.

Who knows best what will give her the most intense of sensations during oral sex? It’s your partner, right? Keep in mind to let her call the shots when you do it to really blow her mind hen you go down on her.

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