Foreplay Mistakes That You’re Inadvertently Making

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes...

You may be guilty of making these foreplay mistakes!

Properly firing up a woman for lovemaking is a must if you’re looking to give her a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from boosting your partner’s chances of making her achieve orgasm as you go along, it will also intensify the pleasurable sensations that she will experience in the process.

And just imagine the good things that you’ll be in for if you pull the whole thing off, right?

Now here’s the thing…

Sure you may already have an idea of the things that your lover likes when you’re already getting a foreplay session going, but did you know that you may be making a few mistakes while doing so?

Make sure you read on to learn more…

Not starting outside the bedroom.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, foreplay doesn’t start when you’re already heating things up in bed. You can actually start it up outside of the bedroom.

See, one of the key factors of foreplay that a lot of men tend to overlook is mental stimulation. I know this sounds surprising right now, but getting her mind going should definitely be on your foreplay checklist.

One simple way of getting the job done is texting her about the sexy things you’ll do to her the moment you two get alone.

You don’t ask her what she wants.

Most guys mistakenly believe that there is a pattern in foreplay. They think that they simply take note of the stuff that their partners like, do the same thing over and over and they’re good to go.

But the thing is foreplay doesn’t work like that. She’ll just end up feeling annoyed or uncomfortable. Or perhaps a combination of the two.

A woman will have different urges and desires each time you do it. So make it a point to ask your lover how she’d like to get things done to really make the experience awesome for her.

You make a beeline for the clitoris and breasts.

Sure a woman’s breasts and clitoris are no doubt two of the most sensitive erogenous zones that she has, but immediately zeroing in on them as soon as foreplay begins isn’t a good idea.

This is because you need to fire them up the right way or else they won’t produce the pleasurable sensations that they are capable of. She will simply feel uncomfortable in the process.

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