4 Ways To Encourage Her To Give You More Head

So you'd like to get her to go down on you more often..

So you’d like to get her to go down on you more often…

Ah, blowjobs.

If you’re like most men, I’m pretty sure that you’d like experience some oral action from your lover when things are already getting steamy between the sheets.

But the thing is simply giving her the message to get in action down there by prodding her head in the direction of your genitals isn’t going to cut it.

Make sure you follow along to learn a few simple ways to encourage your partner to get busy south of your border more often…

Get her completely sexually aroused.

Unlike the stuff that you get to see in porn movies, a woman doesn’t automatically get down on her knees and suck you off when things get hot in bed.

It’s crucial that you get her really warmed up or else she won’t be that eager to give you some oral action.

Think of the whole thing as getting a car running. You can’t expect a vehicle to run without engaging it in gear first, right?

(Here’s a simple technique that you can use to do just that.)

Give her an amazing oral sex session yourself.

Convincing her to go down on you isn’t just about using your gift of gab to get the job done. You also need to give her a demonstration of your oral sex skills to seal the deal.

Make it a point to always give her a mind-blowing cunnilingus session when you’re at it in bed.

Believe me, it won’t be that tough to convince her to have the same treatment down there before you know it.

Don’t be bossy.

Now while showing initiative in the bedroom is an attribute women like, overdoing the whole thing will just lead to disaster.

You’ll only give your lover the notion that you are bossing her around when you get too rough on her when you ask her to explore south of your border.

Keep in mind to do it gently, but with a bit of ruggedness that makes her more excited while at it.

Make her feel you’re really enjoying it.

Once she goes down on you, make it a point to give a reaction that she can hear and feel.

Groan and moan in pleasure. Buckle your knees and legs. Give her the notion that you’re enjoying the experience.

This subconsciously gives her the idea that she’s doing it right and you love it, which makes her want to integrate oral sex in her bedroom checklist.

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