4 Reasons Why You’re Having Problems Getting An Erection Nowadays

Erectile dysfunction issues getting you down? Read this!

Erectile dysfunction issues getting you down? Read this!

I’m pretty sure that getting rock hard and staying that way until your lover is properly pleasured between the sheets is your top priority when things get extra steamy in the bedroom.

But the problem is you’re simply noticing that it’s either you’re  taking a very long time to rise up to the occasion or perhaps you manage to achieve an erection, but not keep it going for as long as you’d like.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” recommend, there’s no need to get your hands on the blue pill as well as other artificial products like creams and gels.

Chances are you’re just making a few mistakes that can significantly affect your ability to get a powerful and stable erection going. Keep on reading to find out what these are…

You’re not exercising enough.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, getting rock hard during sexual arousal basically depends on how fast blood can reach the erectile tissues in your penis.

As soon as these tissues absorb all the blood they need, you’ll rise up to the occasion.

However, not having exercise in your regular schedule greatly affects blood flow in your body. Simply having a vigorous 15 to 20-minute workout daily will do the trick.

You eat too much oily food.

The suppleness and elasticity of your blood channels like blood vessels, arteries and veins play a key role in the overall function of your circulatory system.

If they aren’t in tiptop shape, your body’s blood flow will be greatly affected like when you eat a lot of oily stuff ever day.

Make it a point to eat more healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the ones rich in fiber, to keep them functioning properly.

You smoke and drink a lot.

Although drinking alcohol moderately can support healthy heart function, overdoing the whole thing will only lead to the opposite.

Keep it to a maximum of two drinks daily and you’ll be alright.

Cigarettes contain a lot more dangerous chemicals other than nicotine that won’t just cause a lot of health issues sooner or later, but also constrict blood channels in the process.

Kick your smoking habit as soon as you can.

You don’t masturbate regularly.

Practice makes perfect, right?

You are basically conditioning your body to get a stable erection going on demand when you integrate masturbation in your regular schedule.

And it’s also one of the most pleasurable things that you can do by your lonesome, too!

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