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So she's not coming during sex these days...

So she’s not coming during sex these days…

So here’s the situation…

You and your lover are already at it between the sheets. And you’re already bringing your A-game into play to really knock her socks off and give her a mind-blowing orgasm or two in the process.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that even your best moves in bed aren’t hitting their mark anymore. It’s already getting you worried that you’ve lost your ability to really give your partner a sex session that she wants.

There’s no need to get anxious just yet though.

I’m pretty sure that you’re simply making a few mistakes that can make her sexual arousal significantly dip down and make it quite tough for her to achieve an orgasm. Let me explain what I mean…

You don’t clean your bedroom.

Sure this sounds rather out of place, but not giving your bedroom the cleaning and organizing that it deserves can easily prevent your lover from having an orgasm during sex.

See, during my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that two of the key factors that can disrupt the production and release of positive hormones in her body to get her completely sexually aroused is seeing and feeling that that the place she’s in is dirty and messy.

You’ll be surprised with the results when you make it a habit to keep your bedroom in apple pie order.

You don’t give her oral sex.

Going down on her is perhaps the best strategy you can go for when it comes to really making her come during sex. You’ll never fail with cunnilingus if you do it properly.

You assume that you know what she wants.

Now while you may already have an idea of the things that she likes when you two are at it between the sheets, it doesn’t mean that you can make her come during sex each and every time.

Keep in mind to ask your lover what she wants in the bedroom before you get into action. Besides asking her which erogenous zones to focus on, knowing the pace and rhythm she’s in the mood for also counts a lot.

You go too fast.

Come to think of it. Going fast and furious with your sexual penetration as soon as you get the chance will increase your chances of experiencing premature ejaculation. Isn’t this a bad move that you should always keep clear of?

Get closer with your girlfriend with these simple pointers!

Get closer with your girlfriend with these simple pointers!

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it doesn’t mean that you’re already in a romantic relationship with a woman that you should stop charming and attracting her.

Besides leading to a slump in your relationship sooner or later, this will also cause possibly serious problems that can even result to a breakup in the long run.

And you know how terrible that will be for you and your special someone when it happens.

So if you’re looking to become closer with your girlfriend, make sure you follow along to learn how to do just that using a few simply pointers…

Give her a sincere compliment every day.

Make it a point to give your girlfriend a sincere compliment daily. Apart from making her feel that you still love her a lot, it will also promote a surge of positive hormones in her body that will boost her confidence and happiness levels.

And interestingly, positive hormones also make her sexually aroused. How’s that for two for two?

Send her unexpected gifts.

Women love surprises. And you’re sure to make your girlfriend feel really loved and cared for if you keep in mind to surprise her often with gifts, notes and flowers. You don’t have to go for expensive stuff, too. The simpler and more meaningful your choices are, the better.

A hand-written card and a bar of chocolate will already do. There are also a lot of variations for this strategy so you won’t have a tough time mixing it up.

Thank her daily.

Saying a simple “thank you” because you have your girlfriend in your life is a smart move to get closer with her. Follow up with a straightforward reason why. I know this sounds really simplistic, but this is really sweet for your girlfriend and more brownie points for you, my good man.

You can also put thank you notes in her bag, post it on the fridge or perhaps somewhere that she won’t expect to find them there.

Let her call the shots during lovemaking.

I know that you already have an idea of the things that your girlfriend likes between the sheets, but there are a lot more that you can learn from her if you just let her run the show the next time you two are at it in the bedroom.

Simply asking her to do so is also going to make her more adventurous in bed as well.