Boost Your Chances Of Convincing Her To Go Down On You With These Tips

Make her want to give you a BJ again.

Make her want to give you a BJ again.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Getting a round of oral sex from your lover is no doubt one of the things that you’re always looking forward to when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

However, you’re simply noticing that your partner’s eagerness to go south of your border is becoming rather low nowadays. And it’s already getting you worried that you won’t have as much oral action from her sooner or later.

There’s no need to get anxious just yet though. I’ve learned a few key things during my extensive research into the female sexuality that can help boost your chances of convincing her to give you head.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Be very conscious of your hygiene down there.

If you’re looking to get her to go down on you when things are already getting hot in the bedroom, make it a habit to keep a close eye on your hygiene, particularly down under.

Besides getting rid of the unwanted hairs in and around your genitals, remember to give it a good scrubbing as well when you’re taking a shower to make it smell really good.

Make the first move.

A lot of guys seem to forget that the ladies go first when it comes to sexual pleasure and that includes oral sex.

If you notice that your lover is not as excited to give you a BJ these days, there is a big chance that you’re not knocking her socks off with your oral sex techniques.

Always keep in mind to explore south of her border as pleasurable as you can when you and your partner are having a lovemaking session. She will be more excited to go down on you this way.

Ask her nicely.

Now while being assertive in bed is a turn on among women, overdoing the whole thing will only lead to the opposite.

If you want your lover to go down on you, make sure you ask her nicely and not like she’s obligated to do it because you want to.

Acting bossy when you’re at it between the sheets also promotes a surge in stress hormones in her body that can ruin her mood for sex before you know it.

Don’t be whiny.

If she says no when you ask her, don’t be whiny and repeat the question over and over. Believe me, you will just annoy her in the process.

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