Make Masturbation More Pleasurable With These Simple Pointers

So you'd like to make masturbation more pleasurable...

So you’d like to make masturbation more pleasurable…

I’m pretty sure that masturbation is a mainstay in your regular schedule. Come to think of it. Having a go at “choking your chicken” is no doubt one of the most pleasurable activities that can do by your lonesome.

However, doing the whole thing in your own usual way again and again can be rather monotonous and dull sooner or later. So why not follow along and find out a few simple pointers that can help make your masturbation sessions more pleasurable?

Masturbation Pleasure Booster #1: Use your non-dominant hand.

The next time you’re looking to “attack the one-eyed purple-headed warrior,” make it a point to use your non-dominant hand to stimulate yourself.

Sure this sounds rather surprising right now, but the sensations that you’re going to experience when you do this are not just going to be unpredictable since you’re not using the hand that you normally “beat the meat” with, but also quite awesome while at it.

Just keep in mind to use an ample amount of lube while you’re getting in action to keep things smooth sailing as you go along.

Masturbation Pleasure Booster #2: Play a bit of music.

I know this may seem like something that you should have in your sexual checklist when you and your lover are already at it between the sheets, but having music playing in the background when you’re “badgering the witness” can help boost the amount positive hormones in your body.

Besides making you feel more sexually aroused, this surge of positive hormones will also make your erogenous zones more sensitive to stimulation, which simply means every stroke will be more pleasurable.

Keep in mind to go for slow jazz and ballads since they have been seen to help with coaxing these positive hormones to surge better.

Masturbation Pleasure Booster #3: Don’t treat it like a race.

Sure the whole idea of masturbating is to achieve orgasm and ejaculate while at it. However, a lot of guys seem to go fast and furious as soon as they get the chance to masturbate.

This can easily make or break your chances of enjoying your masturbation session. You’ve got to allow the positive hormones to reach their ideal levels first or else you won’t experience the pleasure that you’re looking to go through.

Remember to go at it slow and easy. Sure you can go faster as you go along, but you need to warm up your body properly first.


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