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Keep these pointers in mind the next time you're having a first date...

Keep these pointers in mind the next time you’re having a first date…

Now while you may have already heard that dressing up properly and keeping your grooming up to par can easily boost your chances of acing a first date, they are not just the factors that you should remember to pull the whole thing off.

There are a few key things that a lot of guys seem to overlook when it comes to really making a first date as awesome as can be for a woman.

So if you’re looking to really wow your date when you take her out for the very first time, make sure you have the following pointers in your checklist…

Let her in on the planning.

Some men tend to believe that it’s their job to take care of all the details of a first date.

However, this is actually a mistake that you should avoid since you’re leaving something out of the equation that can easily make or break your chances of scoring a second one: your date’s preferences.

Sure taking the initiative may give you extra brownie points, but she won’t have a great time with you if she doesn’t like the venue, the food or perhaps the ambiance. And this will have a very big effect on her even before you two got started on your first date.

Moreover, she’s also going to think that you really care about her feelings and satisfaction when you ask her to plan the whole thing with you.

Keep the conversation light and trivial.

Chances are you’ve heard once or twice that stimulating a woman’s mind is one of the best ways to really reel her in during a first date.

But the thing is some guys tend to interpret it wrong. They think that they should kick things off with the most technical and complicated subject to get the job done, which will just make a woman feel confused and weirded out.

Going for trivial things like her favorite book, movie or perhaps the vegetable that she least wants to have a bite of is a smarter strategy. Although this may sound rather simplistic, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll encourage her to start sharing ideas with you.

(And always remember that listening intently is a must while you’re at it.)

Absolutely no alcohol.

Some men think that having a glass or two (or perhaps even more) of their favorite brew can help them become more sociable as well as get rid of the jitters on a first date. Believe me it will only cloud your faculties and will most likely make you look awkward and creepy to your date.

Want to really make her enjoy anal sex? Read this.

Want to really make her enjoy anal sex? Read this.

You’re simply noticing that your lover isn’t enjoying anal sex no matter how hard you try while the two of you are it.

Even when you’re already bringing your A-game into play, she’s just not getting the pleasurable sensations that you’re hoping she’d experience in the process.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Chances are you’re simply making a few mistakes that make anal sex not the pleasurable for her.

So make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are to really wow her the next time you and your partner are doing it in the backdoor…

You’re not making her as sexually aroused as possible.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making a woman totally sexually aroused is a must when it comes to engaging her in a round of anal sex.

They believe that they simply have to slap on some lube and everything’s ready. But the thing is this is perhaps the biggest mistake that you can ever do when you’re looking to have anal sex with your lover.

See, if she’s not completely in the mood, chances are she will have a problem getting really relaxed, which can make it very tricky for her to get eager to be sexually penetrated in the anus.

You’re not getting your hands on lots of lube.

The anus is totally different from the vagina, which can naturally produce its own lubrication. You’ll need to grab a lot of lube (and you need to keep in mind to get the right type in the process) or else she won’t find anal sex pleasurable at all.

This is because the sensations she will just experience are going to be anywhere from downright awkward to very uncomfortable to the point of pain.

And don’t just settle for a single, liberal application. As soon as you feel that things aren’t as smooth as you began with, make it a point to put on some more.

You get fast and furious immediately.

Akin to the vagina that will become rather sore when you go full speed ahead on it as soon as you get the chance, the anus will also feel this way if you give it the same treatment.

Keep in mind to go as slow and easy as you can. Only take things up a notch when you see and feel that your lover is more comfortable and relaxed while at it.

Bring back her sexual excitement when you check this out!

Bring back her sexual excitement when you check this out!

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you love having sex with your lover as much as you can.

But the thing is you’re noticing that she’s not as hot for lovemaking as she used to these days.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe though, this doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to getting your partner going for action between the sheets.

Chances are you’re just making a few mistakes that prevent her from getting really excited for sex.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these are to easily bring back her eagerness to get her freak on in the bedroom with you…

You’re neglecting your hygiene.

Now while we’ve previously discussed the importance of grooming when it comes to attracting women, it is also a key factor in terms of getting your lover warmed up for a sex session.

See, how you look and smell can easily affect the production and release of feel-good hormones in her body. These hormones are basically responsible for triggering the necessary changes in her system to prepare her for lovemaking.

The more of these feel-good hormones are present, the easier it will be for your partner to get sexually aroused.

So make it a point to really keep an eye on your grooming and you’ll be on the right track.

You’re using the same sex moves again and again.

Sure you may already know the erogenous zones your lover wants to be stimulated as well as the techniques she prefers when you two are at it in bed, but simply going for them each time you have sex will significantly decrease the pleasurable sensations that they can give.

Always make it a point to “update” your sexual checklist to really keep her on her toes when you two make love. Besides learning new oral sex moves and erogenous zones to stimulate, it is also smart to ask her what she’d like to experience between the sheets.

You’ll be surprised with the results when you let her run the show from time to time.

You rush her into it.

Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, women need a bit of time to get in the mood for action in bed. So if you’re always rushing her into it just every time you have sex, her excitement won’t be that intense.

Are you looking to always get rock hard on demand?

Are you looking to always get rock hard on demand?

I am really disappointed at the stuff a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying these days.

Apart from claiming that erections “naturally” tend to get weaker with age, they also point out that the only way to fix the whole thing is to get your hands on artificial products like creams, lotions and pills.

Sure you can go for these solutions to maintain the power of your erections, but the risk of experiencing nasty side effects sooner or later is something you can’t keep clear of. And that’s definitely not something you’d want to happen, right?

However, if you’d like to stay on the safe side and still get the job done, here are a few simple and natural tips to keep your erections as strong as ever…

Keep a close eye on your diet.

What you’re loading up on in a regular basis can have a direct effect on your erections.

See, here’s the thing. If you make it a point to have your recommended dietary amounts of fruits, vegetables and similar healthy stuff every day, your body will get the necessary nutrients it needs to function up to par.

But if you habitually go for junk food and sodas, which are just filled with salt, grease and sugar, chances are you’ll feel your erections fizzling out when you least expect them to.

I’m not saying that you should swear off eating and drinking your favorite snacks though. Just make them a once in a while treat and you’ll be fine.

Make exercise a regular habit.

Ideal circulation is a must when it comes to keeping on achieving strong erections. And one way to make sure that your body has ideal circulation is keeping your heart functioning in tiptop shape.

Sure there are a lot of wellness supplements and similar products commercially available these days that can help keep your ticker in the pink, but exercising is still the best way to do just that.

Having at least 15 to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise like biking, brisk walking and jogging will already do the trick.

Keep your alcohol consumption moderate.

Now while we’ve previously discussed that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can be quite helpful in terms of getting and staying rock hard, overdoing it will simply lead to the opposite.

See, ingesting excessive amounts of alcohol can numb out a part of the brain that is responsible for sexual arousal and pleasure. And you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

As for smoking, it’s definitely important that you kick the habit as soon as you can or else you’re going to be vulnerable to a lot of sexual problems and health issues in the long run.