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Giver her an oral sex session that she won't forget anytime soon with these tips.

Giver her an oral sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon with these tips.

Chances are you’re always looking to give your lover an orgasm when the both of you are at it in the bedroom.

And one of the ways you can pull it off is going down on her and giving her an oral sex experience she won’t forget anytime soon.

However, you’re simply noticing that your techniques when you explore south of her border aren’t as effective at giving your partner the pleasurable sensations that your lover wants like they used to.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few simple oral sex tricks that will definitely knock her socks off in no time…

Stimulate her “treasure trail.”

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that going straight to the clitoris and vagina is the best way to start things off when you go down on her.

Sure the clitoris may be the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body, but making a beeline for it before it’s completely ready for action will just make her feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Make it a point to pleasure her “treasure trail” first. It is the area just below her belly button down to her mons pubis or the fleshy part where her pubic hair grows. Apart from giving her a tickling sensation, the excitement that you’ll reach her clitoris at any moment will really get her wet.

Do the ABC’s and 123’s on her clitoris

The stimulation you do on her clitoris when you go down on your lover plays a key role on the pleasure levels that you’ll give her during the action.

Simply doing the usual flick and flip technique isn’t going to cut it no matter how vigorous you do it. Make sure you stimulate her clitoris using the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

Besides being one of the simplest ways to vary your stimulation when you’re at it, you’ll just be surprised with the reaction she’s going to have when you do this.

Let her run the show.

Although you usually take charge of the action during oral sex, keep in mind to let her call the shots once in a while. Come to think of it. Who knows her body as well as the erogenous zones down there better than her?

Make it a point you ask her what she wants the next time you have oral sex and follow her lead.

Need a good reason to masturbate? Here are a few that will really blow your mind.

Need a good reason to “choke your chicken?” Here are a few that will really blow your mind.

If you’re anything like most men, masturbation is pretty much in your regular schedule.

Come to think of it. It’s practically the most pleasurable activity that you can do even when you’re all by yourself.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, masturbation isn’t just about experiencing pleasurable sensations. It’s also got quite a few interesting benefits that you should know about.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these benefits are…

Masturbation Benefit #1: It helps keep prevent erectile dysfunction.

Getting rock hard and staying that way is a must before you can “choke the chicken” or perhaps “badger the witness.” And masturbation has a positive effect on the brain when you masturbate as often as you can.

See, the brain basically becomes programmed to always connect sexual desire with stable erections when you masturbate regularly. The moment you feel a bit frisky, you’re sure to get rock hard in no time.

Just imagine how easy it will be for you to rise up to the occasion when things get extra steamy between the sheets.

Masturbation Benefit #2: It helps stave off premature ejaculation.

During my extensive research into the male sexuality, I learned that the body gauges when to activate its orgasmic and ejaculatory responses with the amount of the feel-good hormones in the body.

The more of these hormones are present in the system, the faster you are going to orgasm and ejaculate during lovemaking. But the thing is that you’ll be able to know when you’re going to reach your sexual peak when you masturbate frequently.

This is because you can go slow or fast as you go along and identify when you are most sexually aroused, thus preventing the feel-good hormones from surging in the process and forcing your body to activate its orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

Masturbation Benefit #3: It helps keep the prostate clean.

The act of ejaculating doesn’t just release semen. It can also let loose materials that are pretty much harmless, but can possibly accumulate in and around the prostate sooner or later if not taken care of.

Although the risks are not that high, these materials can set off prostate cancer in the long run. So why not make sure you won’t be at risk of this health issue and rub one off as often as you can?

Masturbation Benefit #4: It feels really, really good.

Hands down this is the best reason why you should masturbate regularly. No further explanation needed.