Simple Reasons Why You’re Going Through Premature Ejaculation These Days

Don't get angry at yourself for coming too soon! Learn how to prevent it now.

Don’t get angry at yourself for coming too soon! Learn how to prevent it now.

Lasting long between the sheets is extremely important if you’re looking to give your lover a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

However, you are just noticing that you’re popping off too soon when you and you partner are at it in the bedroom these days.

There’s no need to get your hands on pills, creams and similar artificial stuff yet though. Make sure you follow along to learn a few simple reasons why you’re coming a lot sooner nowadays…

You have a negative mindset.

I know this sounds rather surprising, but the brain plays a very important role when it comes to activating your body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

It oversees the production and release of positive hormones that not just help your system prep up for sex, but also acts as signals that let your body know that it’s the right time to reach the Big O.

But the thing is the brain is forced to churn out negative hormones when you think negative thoughts like you’re going to come too soon or perhaps you won’t satisfy her like she wants.

And these negative hormones will just disrupt the whole process as soon as they get in the picture. So make it a point to think positive and you’ll be good to go.

You get fast and furious immediately.

The body primarily gauges when to activate its ejaculatory and orgasmic responses by checking out how much pleasurable sensations the penis is experiencing.

And if your system thinks that you’ve already had enough pleasurable sensations during your lovemaking session, it will immediately stimulate these responses to kick in.

So if you go full speed ahead when you sexually penetrate her, these sensations build up faster than they should and you’re going to come even before you really got started in bed.

Keep in mind to go slow and easy and you’ll be surprised how much longer you’re going to last while at it.

You allow yourself to get really nervous.

Now while it’s perfectly normal for you to get a bit nervous when things get extra steamy in the bedroom, allowing yourself to get too nervous sets off a negative effect in your overall sexual arousal.

It creates a surge of stress hormones that won’t just make you feel anxious, impatient and fidgety, but also make you come sooner than you’d like to. Keep things cool and you’ll be alright.

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