3 First Date Pointers That You Should Always Keep In Mind

Make a first date awesome for her with these useful pointers...

Make a first date awesome for her with these useful pointers…

Acing a first date isn’t as easy as what so-called “dating gurus” are saying these days.

Apart from being more than just looking and smelling good, making a first date awesome also doesn’t involve putting on loud clothes as well as acting like you’re the alpha male to really get a woman’s attention.

So if you’re looking to make your next first date an experience the woman you’re going out with won’t forget anytime soon, here are a few useful pointers that you should keep in mind…

Do a bit of research.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, simply going for the most expensive place they can find and have their first date in there is not the best course of action when it comes to making the whole thing awesome.

A better strategy would be asking your date what her preferences are in terms of the venue, food and drinks as well as other factors, such as the chocolates and flowers she likes.

Besides giving her the notion that you’re doing your best to make your first date as amazing as you can, you’re also making her feel that you are really into her while at it. And this means more brownie points for you, too.

Break the ice with trivial stuff.

Women basically view first dates as an opportunity to socialize. And you’re simply going to make her feel rather awkward when you try to break the ice with complicated topics.

Keep in mind to open with serious stuff like politics, the state of the economy or perhaps the new software you use at the office. You can easily engage her in a meaningful conversation if you ask her what her favorite movie is or the name of her first pet.

You can also easily establish a connection with your date this way because she won’t feel that you’re acting pompous and pretentious just to impress her.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Remember that patience is a virtue, especially during a first date.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with using hand gestures to emphasize a point while having a conversation with a woman on your first date, being touchy-feely with her is simply going to lead to disaster almost immediately.

Don’t get physical with her unless she’s the one initiating it. Sure your intentions may be well-meaning and nice, but you will only creep her out when you do this.

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