3 Things That Should Be On Your Checklist When You’re Pleasuring Her Clitoris

Looking to knock her socks off during clitoral stimulation? Check this out!

Looking to knock her socks off during clitoral stimulation? Check this out!

Giving your lover’s clitoris the right attention it deserves during foreplay is definitely one of the things that you’ve got up your sleeve when things get extra steamy in the bedroom.

However, pleasuring her clitoris isn’t just about zeroing in on this really sensitive erogenous zone and start getting busy.

There’s even a chance that you’ll ruin the whole thing when you do it this way, too.

So if you’re looking to learn a few key clitoral stimulation techniques that will really knock her socks off, make sure you follow along to learn a few key tips that will help you pull off just that…

Must-Do Clitoral Stimulation Technique #1: The Teasing Lick

The clitoris doesn’t produce pleasurable sensations as soon as you begin stimulating it. It needs time to prep up properly or else she’ll feel uncomfortable in the process, even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

When the action’s getting hot between the sheets, make it a point to tease her clitoris with slow and very gentle licks. Sure this may sound like not pleasurable at all, but you’ll be surprised how much she’s going to enjoy this.

Just keep at it until she asks you to take the whole thing up a notch.

Must-Do Clitoral Stimulation Technique #2: Nibble and Suck.

Interestingly, the clitoris is packed with more sensitive nerve endings than the penis and vagina combined. It can easily churn out pleasurable sensations if properly prepped up during foreplay.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that nibbling and sucking the clitoris helps it extend fully and produce electrifying sensations. You can see if it’s already fully extended because the hood is very much visible when this happens.

And they can lead to mind-blowing orgasms if you continue to play your cards right in the process.

Must-Do Clitoral Stimulation Technique #3: Intermittent Pressure Levels.

Now that you’ve got her going, keep in mind to change the pressure that you’re applying on your lover’s clitoris as you go along.

Switch it up from light to heavy one minute and mix it up the next. The possibilities are just endless with this technique. And your lover will be on her toes while at it because she won’t have an idea what’s going to happen next.

Make sure you stimulate her other erogenous zones in the process as well to really take her pleasure levels off the charts.

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