Important Foreplay Pointers To Keep In Mind

You should definitely call her and describe the sexy things you'll do to her during sex...

You should definitely call her and describe the naughty things you’ll do to her during sex…

Giving a woman a lovemaking experience she won’t forget anytime soon isn’t just about bringing your A-game into play while you’re already getting busy between the sheets.

You also have to factor in the pleasure you’re giving your lover when you’re working your magic on her during foreplay.

This simply means that if you don’t give your partner an awesome foreplay session when things get hot in the bedroom, chances are she won’t enjoy sex as much as she’d like to.

There’s no need to worry just yet if you think your foreplay techniques are not hitting their mark these days though.

Make sure you read on to learn a few important foreplay pointers that will surely boost your chances of firing up your lover for an unforgettable sex session…

Foreplay starts outside the bedroom.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, foreplay doesn’t begin when you and your partner are already inside the bedroom. It actually starts outside.

You have to heat her up mentally using kinky notes, naughty text messages or provocative emails that will get her in the mood for action between the sheets.

Can’t think of something to say to start getting her going mentally? You can kick things off by describing the stuff you’d do to her when you two are alone. The ideas will flow from there.

Ask her where she wants to be stimulated.

Sure you may already know the erogenous zones she wants to be stimulated and how they should be pleasured, but make it a point to let her call the shots during foreplay from time to time.

This is because a woman’s preferences tend to change periodically. Your lover may want to be pleasured on the breasts one day, while she may favor a bit of clitoral stimulation the next.

And what’s even more interesting is you’re already boosting your chances of giving her an orgasm because you’re getting your info straight from the source.

Do it slow and easy.

Now while the urge to go full speed ahead during foreplay is really high, keep in mind to take things slow and easy.

Besides giving your partner more pleasure when you pace yourself during foreplay, you are also making the whole thing more exciting for her. And that’s definitely a plus if you’re aiming for a mind-blowing sex session.

Just remember to keep at it unless she asks you to. You can also use this to tease her more during foreplay.

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