3 Dating Mistakes That Blow Your Chances Of Really Making A Connection With A Woman

These dating mistakes are sure to repel a woman in no time...

These dating mistakes are sure to repel a woman in no time…

Chances are you’d like to make a date as awesome as you can for a woman when you’re out on one.

And there is a lot of “advice” from so-called “dating gurus” out there that recommend wearing loud clothes and acting like you don’t care to really pull it off.

But the thing is that the stuff they’re dishing out are just going to lead to disaster sooner or later.

Seriously, wearing kooky clothes and making her feel that she’s utterly disposable? They’re basically dating red flags right off the bat.

Looking to really ace your next date with a woman you’ve got your eye on? Here are a few mistakes that you should steer clear of to really make the experience amazing for her…

Dating Mistake #1: You only plan your date on the day itself.

Planning is key when it comes to making a date awesome.

And the outcome won’t be anywhere near this when you just plan the details of your date on the day itself.

Make it a point to take care of the details of the big day (or night) at least three days to a week before the whole thing happens.

Apart from picking a nice venue that she’ll feel cozy in, keep in mind to have an idea of the food and drinks she prefers to really make her feel special during your date.

Dating Mistake #2: You don’t plan your outfit well.

Unlike what most guys mistakenly think, picking an outfit for a date isn’t just about what looks good on you.

You also have to go for clothes and shoes that you’re comfortable in.

This is because your comfort can significantly affect your mood and behavior during a date. If you’re feeling good, you tend to behave properly.

And if you feel that your shirt is too tight or perhaps your shoes hurt the soles of your feet, you already have an idea how your date will turn out.

Dating Mistake #3: You badmouth your previous dates.

You can think of this as something that can be considered as a form of gossiping with your date.

And chances are she won’t appreciate it when you tell her about the (negative) details of the last time you went out with a woman.

Your date is also going to be really defensive because she will have the notion that she’ll possibly be your next topic if the date you two are having won’t turn out to be good.

(Talking about commitment is a no-no, too.)

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