4 Reasons Why Your Erections Are Not That Strong These Days

Here are a few reasons why your erections are not that strong nowadays...

Here are a few reasons why your erections are not that strong nowadays…

So let’s get straight to the bottom line right away…

You’re noticing that your erections are not that strong and stable nowadays when you and your lover are getting things hot between the sheets.

And the thing is you’ve never experienced this problem before.

However, there’s no need to worry just yet – or get your hands on artificial stuff like creams and pills.

Here are a few reasons why your ability to get rock hard is dipping these days…

You are overweight.

Apart from becoming rather vulnerable to chronic heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a host of other health problems, packing on extra pounds will also result to erectile dysfunction the least you expect it.

This is because your overall circulation will be significantly affected when you are overweight. Blood takes a longer time to reach the pelvic region all the way down to the erectile tissues in the penis.

And when this happens, you’ll find your erection getting softer and mellower. There’s even a chance that you won’t get hard at all, too.

You smoke too much.

It’s not just nicotine that gets inside your body each time you light up a cigarette.

You are also introducing lots and lots of dangerous chemicals that can wreak havoc in your system. Besides preventing your heart and lungs from optimally functioning, these chemicals can also cause the hardening of blood vessels, veins and arteries.

And if these blood channels are not working smoothly, the amount of blood getting to the erectile tissues in the penis will be significantly reduced.

You drink like a fish.

Sure I’ve emphasized in a previous post that having a drink or two of your favorite brew can promote better circulation in the body, but overdoing the whole thing can lead to the exact opposite.

Aside from numbing out a part of your brain that is in charge of sexual arousal, having high alcohol levels in the system can also make your performance in the bedroom rather unpredictable.

It’s either you won’t be able to rise up to the occasion or perhaps you’ll go off sooner than you’d like to.

You don’t exercise regularly.

I don’t mean becoming a hardcore fitness buff is a must if you’d like your erections to be as strong as usual.

You simply have to set aside at least 30 minutes of your day sweating it out. Besides slow jogging and brisk walking, you can also ride your bike while at it.

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