Why She’s Not Giving You BJ’s Anymore

So she's not giving you blowjobs these days...

So she’s not giving you blowjobs these days…

If you’re a guy, getting head from your lover when things get extra steamy between the sheets is absolutely one of the highlights you’re always waiting for.

However, there is just one problem that you’re experiencing these days: your partner seems to have lost her interest in oral sex.

There’s no need to feel alarmed or worry just yet though.

Perhaps you’re simply making the following mistakes that can ruin your lover’s mood when it comes to giving you some oral attention…

You don’t give her oral sex yourself.

First things first.

Oral sex is basically a two-way street. You have to give it (and you’d have to make it an awesome experience each and every time as well) to receive it.

If you notice that your lover isn’t that eager to go down on you these days, there is a big possibility that you’re not giving her adequate oral TLC yourself. Sloppy ones don’t count, too.

When you give your lover the notion that she’ll have an experience she won’t forget anytime soon each time you explore south of her border, you’ll be surprised how much effort she will put in when it’s her turn to go down under.

You boss her to do it.

During my extensive research into the female psychology, I’ve learned that being overly forceful in bed can stimulate a woman’s brain to release a lot of stress hormones.

Sure some women have a penchant for being shown initiative when it comes to lovemaking, but overdoing the whole thing is already going to be an issue.

Now back to the stress hormones I was telling you about…

When they get loose, your lover will feel annoyed, impatient and uncooperative in the bedroom. Just imagine what will ensue when this happens.

Your hygiene down there needs improvement.

Come to think of it. Hygiene is a very big deal for women.

Interestingly, not keeping a close eye on your hygiene can also keep your lover from giving you a blowjob.

And if your hygiene down there doesn’t quite cut it for your lover, it’s safe to say that she won’t be going anywhere near your genitals no matter how much sweet-talking you’ll do.

Keep in mind to trim the shrubbery in a regular basis and don’t crimp on the soap when you’re lathering your genital area while showering. The cleaner you are, the higher the chances that she won’t hesitate to get the oral action going.

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