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So your foreplay techniques are not that effective on her nowadays...

So your foreplay techniques are not that effective on her nowadays…

So here’s the situation…

You and your lover are starting to heat things up between the sheets and you’ve already lined up your best foreplay techniques to really get her going for action.

Then you discover that they’re not working like they used to.

No need to worry just yet though. You haven’t lost your touch when it comes to giving your lover the foreplay she wants when you two are at it.

There’s just a big chance that you’re making these 3 simple mistakes…

Your bedroom is dirty and cluttered.

If you’ve missed out on giving your bedroom a meticulous cleaning and organizing for some time now, it could be a very big reason that she’s not enjoying foreplay these days.

See, a woman’s sexual arousal greatly depends on how relaxed she feels. If she’s anxious or perhaps irritated, your lover will find it really tricky to get ready for action in bed no matter how hard you try heating her up.

Make it a point to regularly clean your bedroom and organize your stuff in the process. The cleaner and more organized your bedroom is, the easier it is to really ignite her sexual mood during foreplay.

You do things too fast.

Unlike guys that can get ready for action between the sheets at the drop of a hat, women need to have it slow and easy or else there’s a chance that you’ll botch up her foreplay experience.

This means you have to do things as slow and easy as you can. The slower, the better. This covers everything from stimulating her erogenous zones like the clitoris and breasts to giving her a kiss.

I know this sounds rather boring for you, but believe me, try taking things down a notch the next time you’re in the middle of foreplay and you’ll be surprised with the results.

You make a beeline right to her clitoris.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that going straight to your lover’s clitoris the moment the opportunity presents itself is a great idea.

Now while the clitoris is one of the most pleasurable erogenous zones in a woman’s body when properly stimulated, working your magic too soon on it will only make her feel sore and tender down there.

Spend a few minutes pleasuring other parts of her body. When she’s the one hinting that you should explore south of her border, it’s go time.


Think your dating fashion sense is not that hip? Check this out.

Think your dating fashion sense is not that hip? Check this out.

Your overall appearance plays a key role when it comes to successfully acing a date.

Besides keeping a close eye on your grooming, carefully choosing your outfit is also very important when you’re trying to pull this one off.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, looking your best on a date isn’t about dishing out a lot of money or spending long hours mulling over what you’ll wear while at it.

Here are a few simple fashion tips that will help you take your look up a notch the next time you go out with a woman…

The fit is very important.

The very first thing that you should have on your checklist when you’re planning your outfit for a date is the fit of your clothes that you’re going to wear.

No matter how nice they may look or how pricey they may be, these clothes aren’t just going to cut it when they don’t fit you properly.

It will only make you look sloppy and irresponsible. Keep in mind to check the fit of your apparel and you’re going to be on the right track.

Simplicity is beauty.

A superb dating outfit doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom or be extra complicated.

Now while this may sound surprising, keeping it as simple as possible gets you more dating brownie points than an overly elaborate ensemble.

The simpler things are, the lesser the chances that you’re going to look tacky in the process.

And while we’re at it, keep in mind to keep the colors light and simple, too. A maximum of three shades when planning your outfit is ideal as well.

Wear clean shoes.

Women have a very special relationship with footwear. And showing up on a date with dirty shoes will simply make her feel the same way when you have badly fitting clothes on.

Keep in mind to give your footwear a meticulous cleaning and brushing before you wear them to really wow her.

And make it a point to wear the appropriate ones, too, or else they won’t hit their mark.

Wear stuff that you are comfortable in.

Now that we’ve covered everything from the shoes up, it’s really important that you only wear the clothes and footwear that you’re really comfy in.

Don’t give in to peer pressure or fashion fads. If you think you’re not feeling good in them, go for a different option.

So your erections are not that strong nowadays...

So your erections are not that strong nowadays…

When it comes to giving your lover the sexual pleasure that she’s always wanted, getting a strong and stable erection is definitely on top of your checklist.

But the thing is you’re feeling that your erections are not as hard and intense like they used to.

There’s no need to worry just yet though or perhaps start loading up on artificial stuff like creams and pills.

Chances are you’re simply making the following mistakes that are disrupting your erections…

Erection-Sapper #1: You’re not getting enough shuteye.

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but you’re sure to experience problems with your ability to rise up to the occasion when things get really hot between the sheets.

This is because hormones play a very important role in prepping you up for action in bed. And one of these hormones is testosterone.

Now while the body constantly produces testosterone, modern scientific studies show that a lot of it is made during REM (dream) sleep. And if you’re not sleeping enough, your testosterone levels are going to be significantly affected.

Erection-Sapper #2: You’re drinking too much.

Sure we’ve previously touched on the positive contribution of having a drink or two of your favorite brew in terms of getting strong erections, but overdoing the whole thing will only lead to the opposite.

This is because excessive levels of alcohol in the system won’t just cause a massive hangover the next day.

The part of your brain in charge of sexual arousal will also be temporarily put out of commission, which will make it really tricky for you to get an erection when you need one.

Just keep in mind to have a couple of drinks at most and you’ll be good to go.

Erection-Sapper #3: You’re a regular smoker.

Did you know that you’re getting more than just a dose of nicotine when you’re puffing on a cigarette?

You are also getting a hit of numerous dangerous chemicals like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde and tar that can wreak havoc with your body’s ability to get ready for sex.

These chemicals can cause a health problem called “vasoconstriction” that can make the blood vessels stiffen up and make it really tough to direct blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to get an erection going.

And unlike indulging in your favorite booze, kicking the smoking habit is the only way to go to prevent weakening your erections.


Brush up on your oral sex skills when you check this out...

Brush up on your oral sex skills when you check this out…

So here’s the situation…

You and your lover are already heating things up between the sheets and you’re prepping up to go south of her border.

Sure you may already know the things that your partner likes when you give her oral attention, but your skills can still be improved with a few simple tips.

Make sure you follow along to find out how you can take oral sex up a notch easily…

Don’t go straight to the clitoris.

Sure the clitoris may be loaded with pleasure-giving nerve endings that can make her reach the Big O if you stimulate them properly, but making a beeline straight for it during sex is never a good idea.

This is because the clitoris needs time to get ready for stimulation. Do it too early and you’ll just end up making her feel her either really awkward or uncomfortable to the point of being painful.

And when that happens, making your lover have an orgasm can be very tricky no matter how hard you try.

Go slow and easy.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, going fast and furious during oral sex is not the way to go.

The more vigorous the stimulation you give your lover when you go down on her doesn’t mean that the more pleasurable the experience will be for her.

It will just feel uncomfortable and annoying for your partner.

You will be very surprised how much she will like oral sex better if you go as slow and easy as you can while at it.

Don’t just focus on her nether regions.

Oral sex isn’t exclusive to her vagina and clitoris. You also need to stimulate her other erogenous zones to really get her going.

Besides giving her breasts and areolas the attention they deserve, make it a point to pleasure her inner thighs, sides of the stomach, wrists and back of the neck when you do it.

The more pleasurable sensations she will experience, the easier it will be for her to achieve orgasm (even again and again if you keep going at it properly).

Let her direct things.

Make it a point to ask your lover to call the shots during oral sex. Simply ask her what she’s in the mood for.

Ask her to guide you which parts to stimulate, for how long and how hard. You’re sure going to get her moaning and writhing with sexual ecstasy in no time.

Now here’s a simple tip to make her want you more in bed.