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Here are a few tips to make your first date awesome for her.

Here are a few tips to make your first date awesome for her.

I’m sure pulling things off as successfully as possible is the top item in your first date checklist.

However, unlike what so-called “dating gurus” say, achieving this isn’t about showing up on your first date wearing loud apparel and acting like the alpha male, which simply means obnoxious.

I’ve learned a few interesting things during my extensive research into the female psychology and I’m going to share them with you to make your next first date really awesome for the woman you’re out with.

Looking and smelling good is essential.

I know you may have read this line over and over again, but keeping a close eye on your grooming plays a key role when it comes to making a first date great.

See, women are visual creatures who tend to make their impressions on a guy they’re on a date with based on how they look and smell.

If you arrive well-dressed and smelling nicely, you’re sure to earn a lot of brownie points immediately. (Keep in mind to put on clean shoes while at it, too.)

Pick a venue that she’s familiar with.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, going for the most expensive venue that you can find for your first date isn’t going to cut it.

This is because she’ll think of your first date more of a job interview instead of an opportunity to get to know you better.

Go for a place that she’s quite familiar with like her local bar or deli so she won’t act and feel reserved on your first date.

Plus, you won’t spend a lot of bucks compared to taking her to a fancy restaurant.

Talk about trivial stuff.

When you engage your date in a conversation, keep in mind to go for topics that are trivial and friendly like her favorite movie or the name of her first pet.

Picking serious ones like politics and similar stuff can make her think you’re already trying too hard to impress her.

As a bonus, you will also tend to pick up a lot of useful information you can use to dazzle her as you go along.

Chivalry is not dead.

Being a gentleman adds a lot of brownie points during your first date, which is definitely going to help boost your chances of making it amazing for her.

Apart from opening doors for the woman you’re out with, lending her your jacket when the weather is a bit nippy is also a nice gesture.

These kissing tips will definitely make the experience even more amazing for her...

These kissing tips will definitely make the experience even more amazing for her…

When it comes to really getting your lover going for action between the sheets, nothing beats giving her an amazing kissing session to set the mood.

However, pulling this off isn’t just about locking lips with your partner and hoping for the best. But unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, it’s not that tricky to do as well.

Let me give you a quick rundown on the kissing tips you need to keep in mind so you will easily get the job done…

Keep a close eye on your oral hygiene.

Making yourself as kissable as you can is the very first step in terms of giving her a smooching session she won’t forget anytime soon.

This is simply about keeping a close eye on your oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing not just frequently, but also meticulously, is the way to go.

Visiting your dentist for a regular check-up should also be on your schedule since a bad tooth and diseased gums can possibly lead to erectile problems sooner or later.

Come to think of it. The need for this isn’t that tough to figure out.

If you were to put yourself in your lover’s place, would you like to kiss a guy whose breath stinks and flaunts a horrible oral hygiene? Well, there you go.

Remember to go as gentle as you can.

Slow and easy is the strategy that you should go for when kissing is concerned.

Don’t go fast and fast furious as soon as you lock lips with your lover. Or else you’ll just ruin the experience for her.

Think of a kiss as an oral massage. Easy does it is the key. You can build up the intensity of your kisses as you go along though.

And no matter what you see in porn movies, don’t press your tongue into her mouth when you start your kissing session. This is just going to be gross for her.

Stimulate other parts of her face.

Kissing isn’t just limited to her mouth and lips.

You can also boost the pleasurable sensations your partner will feel while at it by stimulating other parts of her face and body as you go along.

You can stroke her ears tenderly. You can tickle her neck and cheeks with a soft peck or two. You can also caress her erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs and back of the neck with your fingers.

Eating too much junk food can make your erections weak...

Eating too much junk food can make your erections weak…

Now here’s the situation…

You’re finding yourself unable to really get rock hard as usual when things get hot between the sheets.

And this is simply very disappointing not just for you, but also for your lover.

However, this doesn’t mean that you already need to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff to bring back your ability to rise up to the occasion during lovemaking.

Chances are you’re just making the following mistakes that can sap the power and intensity of your erections sooner or later…

You’re loading up on the wrong stuff.

Your regular diet and erections are closely connected together.

If you’re eating healthy, getting a strong and stable erection each time you and your lover are at it won’t be that tricky.

If you’re always loading up on junk food, chances are your body will have excessive levels of bad cholesterol and sodium that can disrupt idea blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis.

(I’m not saying you can’t eat junk food, but doing it moderately is recommended though.)

And when this happens, they won’t get the right amount of blood to really make you rock hard during sexual arousal.

You smoke like a chimney.

Apart from getting a dose of nicotine, you are also allowing lots and lots of harmful chemicals in your system that can do a number on your circulation and blood pressure when you light up.

See, the stuff in cigarettes are so dangerous that they can set off a health issue called “vasoconstriction” in which the channels where blood flows inside the body stiffen up.

This makes it really difficult to send blood down there to make you rise up to the occasion.

So make it a point to kick your smoking habit as soon as you can or else see your erections become even weaker.

You drink too much.

Now while indulging your favorite brew like beer and wine moderately can actually help boost your circulation, overdoing the whole thing will only lead to the opposite.

Besides triggering blood pressure problems in the long run, having excessive levels of alcohol in the body also numbs out a part of the brain that oversees sexual arousal.

When this brain area becomes numb, it’s either you will find your erections fizzling out sooner than you’d like to or perhaps you won’t get an erection at all.

The next time you get a hankering for your favorite brew, sticking to a serving or two is ideal.

Your oral hygiene can either make or break your erections...

Your oral hygiene can either make or break your erections…

Achieving a strong and stable erection is definitely the most important item in your sexual checklist when you and your lover are already heating things up in bed…

However, not keeping a close eye on 3 key factors can easily make you lose the intensity of your erections in the long run.

So if you’re looking to really get rock hard each time you and your partner are at it between the sheets, make sure you keep a close eye on the following…

Erection Factor #1: Your water consumption.

Now while this may sound surprising, how much water you drink can directly affect your ability to rise up to the occasion.

Not drinking enough of the stuff will somewhat dry up the tissues in the body, including the erectile tissues in the penis, which can significantly reduce their overall reaction time during sexual arousal.

Make it a point to drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water each day to keep your hydration levels up to par. Keep clear from sugary drinks and sodas while you’re at it, too.

(Speaking of drinking, here’s why you should not indulge in too much alcohol.)

Erection Factor #2: Your exercise regimen.

Sweating it out is an important factor in achieving strong and stable erections.

Having a sedentary lifestyle will just make your erections fizzle out sooner or later. Just think how disappointing that would be for you and your lover.

Besides optimizing your circulation so you’ll always have ideal amounts of blood flow to your erectile tissues in the penis each time things are heating up in bed, you’ll also last longer during lovemaking as well.

And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, starting an exercise regimen isn’t that tricky at all.

You can kick things off with low-impact exercises like slow jogging or brisk walking and build things up from there. Riding a bike is also a good idea.

Erection Factor #3: Your oral hygiene.

There is a direct link between your oral health and your ability to get rock hard during sexual arousal.

Bad teeth and diseased gums make the blood vessels in the facial area vulnerable to breaching from harmful bacteria that can disrupt normal blood flow.

And when the blood flow is affected, you’re sure to experience problems in the erection department the least you expect them.

Remember to brush and floss regularly as well as dropping by your dentist’s clinic for a checkup every couple of months or so.