Why She’s Not Getting As Sexually Aroused Like She Used To These Days

"Shifting" a woman's sexual arousal is very important to really get her in the mood...

“Shifting” a woman’s sexual arousal is very important to really get her in the mood…

Getting your lover properly sexually aroused before you start up the action is very important so she will really experience the pleasure she wants in bed.

However, you’re simply noticing that your partner isn’t getting as sexually aroused like she used to these days.

And this definitely makes you feel really disappointed when you want to get the old squeaky-squeaky going between the sheets.

This doesn’t mean that you’re already losing your touch when it comes to firing your lover up in bed though.

Chances are you’re simply making the following mistakes…

You’re not keeping a close eye on your grooming anymore.

Let’s start things off with the most common mistake a lot of men seem to overlook in terms of getting a woman ready for lovemaking.

She won’t be that eager to start up the action in bed if you don’t look or smell nice.

Women are very particular with grooming and if your lover’s eyes and nose tell her that you’re not up to the cut, there is a big possibility she won’t get fully sexually aroused or even at all.

Just keep in mind to take regular showers, use deodorant and get rid of unwanted facial hair and you’ll already on the right track.

(Here are a few more simple grooming tips that women will surely love.)

Your bedroom is messy.

Relaxation plays a key role when it comes to female sexual arousal.

And one of the things that can really get on a woman’s nerves is dirt and clutter. So if your bedroom needs a bit of cleaning and de-cluttering, it’s going to affect your chances of getting your partner ready for lovemaking.

This is because she’s going to find it tricky to really relax, which promotes a surge of stress hormones in her body that prevents her from feeling sexy.

Make it a point to give your bedroom a regular cleaning and organizing to keep it looking comfy and fresh. Giving it a spritz or two of air freshener while you’re at it is a good idea as well.

You don’t give her awesome foreplay.

Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, a woman’s sexual arousal is just like an engine.

You need to “shift” properly or else it won’t get anywhere. And one important thing to remember when you need to pull this off is giving her foreplay she won’t forget anytime soon.

(Here are a few simple tricks that can help you do just that, too.)

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