How To Convince Your Lover To Give Anal Sex A Go

These tips will help you convince her to try anal sex...

These tips will help you convince her to try anal sex…

I’m pretty sure that anal sex is one of the things that’s in your lovemaking bucket list.

However, the only thing that’s keeping you from actually trying it the next time things are heating up between the sheets is your lover.

No matter what you do, you just can’t convince her to give it a go.

This doesn’t mean that you should already give up on your efforts though. Here are a few simple pointers that can boost your chances of making her say yes to anal sex…

Talk to your lover about anal sex outside of the bedroom.

A lot of guys make the mistake of trying to sweet talk their partners into trying anal sex when they are already in bed.

If you’re still finding it tricky to convince your lover to give anal action a try, change up your tactics and talk about anal sex with her when you’re having a casual conversation.

Apart from helping take away the pressure off the whole thing, she won’t feel as anxious or worried when you do it in bed.

Let her call the shots.

Sure you may be the one directing the action when you and your lover are already at it in the bedroom, but it’s important that you give her full bedroom authority if you want her to try anal sex.

This is because when your partner is calling the shots during lovemaking, she will feel more empowered.

And when she’s more empowered, she will feel more adventurous in trying new stuff when you’re at it. This includes anal sex.

Just think about how this can take your lovemaking sessions to a whole new level.

Don’t be bossy about it.

Convincing your lover to try anal sex is just like bargaining for a great deal.

You sure won’t pull the whole thing off if you are making your partner feel that trying it would just be for your pleasure.

Talk to her about anal sex as gently as you can or else you will botch it up even before you really got started.

If she says no, don’t feel bad about it. There’s always a next time to do it again.

Remind her that it’s not going to be a bad experience.

If your partner is anything like most women, chances are she thinks anal sex is taboo.

When you’re trying to convince her about trying anal sex, always remind her that it’s going to be a positive experience to condition her mentally that everything is alright when you do try it.

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