Anal Sex Mistakes That You Should ALWAYS Avoid

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

Avoid these anal sex mistakes to really make her enjoy the experience.

So here’s the situation…

You’ve finally convinced your lover to give anal sex a go. But the problem is you don’t have a clue how it’s really done.

Besides the risk that you’ll just end up hurting her in the process, there’s also the possibility that she won’t give you another chance to do it in the backdoor when you blow this.

So make sure you follow along to find out the anal sex mistakes that you should always avoid to really make the experience amazing for her…

You don’t make her as sexually aroused as you can.

Your lover will find it quite difficult to enjoy anal sex if she isn’t totally into it. This is because it will be a new experience for her and a bit taboo at first, too.

One way to boost your chances of making her enjoy the whole thing is taking her sexual arousal off the charts.

This is because her body will produce a lot of mood-altering hormones that won’t just make her become more receptive to sexual pleasure, but also lower her anal sex inhibitions at the same time. How’s that for two for two?

You don’t have a lot of lube ready.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, you will need ample lubrication to make anal sex pleasurable. Unless you keep her lubed up, there’s a risk that she will feel very uncomfortable while you’re at it and not enjoy even a moment of it.

She can even have an injury in the process since the anus isn’t naturally capable of producing lubrication!

So keep in mind to have a lot of lubrication on hand for your anal sex session. One key thing to remember is having too much lubrication is just right because nothing sucks more than running out of lube in the middle of action.

And one more thing. Go for water-based lubricants since they’ll have a more natural feel for her.

You get fast and furious as soon as you can.

Sure you may have seen it in porn, but thrusting forcefully and quickly right away during anal sex is a very big no-no. This will only lead to disaster.

Besides making the experience painful for her, it’s also possible that this is the last time she’ll ever be convinced of having anal sex.

Start slow and keep at it, unless your lover asks you to go faster and harder.

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