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Here's how you really wow her with your fashion sense during a date...

Here’s how you really wow her with your fashion sense during a date…

When it comes to dates, looking good is definitely a priority. Your chances of acing one basically improve if a woman likes your overall getup.

And if she doesn’t like your fashion sense…well, you get the idea.

While researching extensively into the female psychology, I came across a lot of interesting stuff that will definitely help you plan your dating outfit better and take your chances of making a good impression up a notch.

So if you’re looking to wow a woman as soon as you show up on your date, here are a few fashion no-no’s that you absolutely have to keep clear of…

Wearing loose-fitting clothes.

I know there are some of you who consider loose-fitting garments trendy, but putting them on when you go on a date can easily ruin your chances of dazzling a woman.

As it turns out, loose-fitting clothes not only make you look ridiculous, but also make your date feel that you didn’t plan your outfit carefully. This basically gives her the notion that you’re not a responsible guy, which significantly takes away a lot of brownie points in the process.

They also wrinkle easily, which takes the unpleasant levels off the charts in no time.

Make sure you only wear clothes that are clean, tailored and fit right to really give her a magical first impression.

(Here’s why wearing pants that are too tight shouldn’t be on your list of fashion choices while at it as well.)

Wearing too much jewelry.

Now while accessorizing adds a nice touch to your overall outfit, having too much jewelry already ruins the whole thing.

This is because it already makes her feel that you’re trying too hard to impress her. And sadly, this will really pull down your chances of getting your date on the right track.

Limiting your jewelry lineup to a watch and cuff link combo or perhaps a similar arrangement is a smart idea.

Wearing dirty footwear.

Women consider wearing dirty shoes on a date as a terrible fashion no-no.

Aside from being unpleasant to look at, you’re also giving her the message that you’re not that responsible enough to carefully go over your outfit first…or perhaps not interested enough to go out on a date with her.

Make it a point to give your footwear a meticulous check before you even leave the house. A simple wipe here and buff there will go a very long way.

Are you finding it tough  to make her go down on you?

Are you finding it tough to make her go down on you these days?

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that getting a blowjob from your lover is one of the things that you look forward to during sex.

However, you’re noticing that your partner is not that eager to go down on you like she used to nowadays.

This doesn’t mean that you should forever cross off blowjobs from your sexual checklist though. Chances are you’re just making a few simple mistakes that keep your lover from going south of your border.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

You don’t give her oral sex.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of women tend to steer clear of oral sex is they tend to feel that they are on the losing end of the deal…just because you’re not giving them adequate attention down there.

This gives her the notion that you’re only in it for your own satisfaction, which can somewhat ruin her sexual mood one way or another.

Make it a point to pleasure your lover down there when things get hot between the sheets to make her feel that oral sex is a two-way street. Don’t do a sloppy job while you’re at it, too, since this can significantly affect the pleasure levels that you will give her.

You don’t keep an eye on your grooming.

If you’ve been following HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, I’m sure you already came across my posts on the importance of grooming.

However, making sure that your grooming is in tiptop shape isn’t just reserved for dates and other social events. Not keeping a close eye on it also has an effect on your lover’s willingness to give you oral sex.

Come to think of it. If it looks like a jungle down there or perhaps things smell funky, do you think she’ll be happy to pleasure you with her mouth? Well, you already know the answer.

Making sure that you give your private area a careful trim from time to time and a nice scrubbing when you take a shower will already do the trick.

You think of oral sex as a burden.

I know this sounds surprising, but how you view oral sex has a very big effect on the way you do it.

If you think that it’s one of the most pleasurable techniques that can give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants, then you’ll do it nicely. However, when you think it’s a burden, you’ll only botch the whole thing up.

Now imagine if that’s your mindset. Do you think you’re going to give her oral sex pleasure when you go down on her? That will easily make her say “pass” when you ask her to explore your nether regions.

Are you feeling that your sexual stamina is dipping these days? Read this.

Are you feeling that your sexual stamina is dipping these days? Read this.

Your sexual stamina plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover the satisfaction she wants between the sheets.

Now while you’d like your sexual stamina to be as high as ever to really wow her when things get hot in bed, there are often overlooked mistakes guys make that pull it down greatly.

So if you’re looking to keep your sexual stamina as high and intense as ever, make sure you steer clear from these mistakes that can leave you feeling drained right even before the action really starts…

You’re not watching what you eat.

What you load up on each day has a direct effect on your sexual stamina. Your daily diet will only either nourish you and keep your sexual stamina ideal, or perhaps bring it down significantly sooner or later.

Make it a point to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. It’s also a smart idea to have lots of fiber in your diet, especially oatmeal that helps get rid of bad cholesterol.

Now while it’s alright to indulge in your favorite comfort foods like potato chips, pork rinds and pizza from time to time, make sure you keep things moderate so you won’t feel your sexual stamina dipping all of a sudden.

You habitually smoke.

Regular tobacco use has a tremendous effect on your sexual stamina. The loads of harmful chemicals that cigarettes have set off a health issue called vasoconstriction, which forces the channels that blood flow through like blood vessels, veins and arteries to stiffen.

When this happens, blood won’t be able to go where they are supposed to, which can mean disaster when you and your lover are already getting at it in the bedroom. Besides lowering your sexual stamina, this issue in blood flow can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind to watch your alcohol consumption while at it since drinking like a fish each time you get the chance can also cause problems in bed.

You don’t exercise regularly.

Having a sedentary lifestyle gradually weakens your sexual stamina because it conditions your body to stay idle most of the time. Even the least physical exertion can leave you exhausted in no time.

Make it a point to have a vigorous exercise regimen for at least 15 to 30 minutes each day and you’re good to go. You can start with low-impact exercises like brisk walking and slow jogging and then move on to more dynamic workouts whenever you feel comfortable.