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Read this to know a few mistakes you need to avoid during sex...

Read this to know a few mistakes you need to avoid during sex and really give her an amazing time…

If you’re a guy reading this, chances are you’d like to really give your lover an amazing time between the sheets when you two are feeling frisky.

However, did you know that there’s a chance you may be overlooking a few key things that can greatly affect her pleasure during sex even to the point that it’s already being uncomfortable for her?

Make sure you read on so you’ll know what to keep clear of so you’ll give your lover a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon…

You neglect to prep up the bedroom.

I know this one sounds a bit odd to be in here, but making it a point to keep your bedroom clean and organized has a big effect on your lover’s sexual pleasure.

See, a woman’s sexual arousal depends on how her brain can produce and release mood-altering hormones. The more of these hormones are churned out, the more sexually aroused she will be.

And the more pleasurable the experience will be for her.

However, the brain puts out sexual arousal-sapping stress hormones the moment your partner feels that something is amiss when you’re getting in action like a dusty bed or perhaps dirty clothes cluttering the floor.

You rush things.

Unlike guys that can get ready for sex at a drop of a hat, women need some time to really get in the mood for some action in the bedroom.

And one of the mistakes most men seem to overlook when it comes to lovemaking is taking things fast and furious between the sheets. Besides preventing your lover from sufficiently getting ready in bed, she won’t be enjoying the action like she wants as well.

Interestingly, that’s even when you’re already putting on your A-game.

Make it a point to take things as slow and easy as you can to really get her going in the bedroom.

(Here are a few foreplay tips you should also take into consideration that can help you pull it off.)

You don’t communicate with her.

Who would be the best person to consult when it comes to the things that take her sexual pleasure off the charts than your lover herself?

Remember to talk to her as you go along. Make sure you ask her the things she wants you to do as well as the speed and rhythm of the techniques you’re planning to use in the process.

This easily guarantees that you’ll make her reach the Big O as you go along. Even again and again if you play your cards right.

Here are a few stuff to load up on to help you keep your strong erections.

Here are a few stuff to load up on to help you keep your strong erections.

Contrary to a lot of stuff you commonly come across the worldwide web these days, you don’t have to get your hands on artificial stuff to keep your ability to get and maintain a strong erection.

Unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “sex experts” say, there are natural ways to keep and stay rock hard when you and your lover are starting to heat things up in bed.

And one of them is loading up on the right foods to really perk up your erections. Make sure you follow along to learn what some of them are to help you jazz up your next sex session…

Load up on Omega-3 rich fish.

At its simplest, Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is essential to human life, but isn’t naturally produced by the human body. It can be only acquired from select sources like fish, particularly fresh tuna, trout, mackerel and salmon.

One very special attribute of Omega-3 that plays a key role in erections is it helps maintain ideal blood circulation in the body while keeping blood vessels, arteries and veins as stretchy as possible.

Make bananas mainstays in your diet.

Bananas are simply bursting with potassium, a mineral that helps curb spikes in sodium levels. When your sodium levels go off the charts, your risk of having high blood pressure also rises, which can significantly prevent you from getting and maintaining a stable erection.

Plus, bananas are also very heart-friendly and can stave off stroke and other cardiovascular issues if eaten in a regular basis.

Eating raw chocolate is a must.

Sure you may have already heard about chocolate being a natural aphrodisiac, but do you know that it has scientific backing?

See, dark unsweetened cocoa is packed with flavonols that help keep the natural elasticity and strength of the linings of blood vessels. If these become rigid, blood can’t reach the erectile tissues in the penis properly during sexual arousal and you won’t totally get rock hard.

Munch on more garlic.

Although garlic can make your breath a bit funky, it contains a lot of allicin that has a blood-thinning effect when consumed. Apart from helping blood to get to where it’s supposed to during sexual arousal, the body won’t exert a lot of effort pumping it to the pelvic region as well.

Moreover, onions are also rich sources of allicin.

Have moderate portions of wine.

Making it a habit to sip moderate amounts of wine can help boost the amounts of the antioxidant resveratrol in your body.

Resveratrol simply optimizes the production of nitric oxide in the system, which helps keep blood vessels, arteries and veins as strong and elastic as ever. Keep in mind not to overindulge since too much alcohol in the body can lead to problems getting it up.

Still drawing a blank when it comes to speeding up her sexual arousal?

Still drawing a blank when it comes to speeding up her sexual arousal?

I know you probably already know this, but women don’t get ready for action in the bedroom as fast as men.

Now while guys can get sexually aroused at the drop of a hat, women need a bit of time to get their freak on. The thing is it can still take longer depending on how you play it off though.

However, I’ve learned a few simple ways that can help you pick up the pace on your lover’s sexual arousal. Make sure you read on to learn more…

Keep a close eye on your hygiene.

How you look and smell are key factors when it comes to making a woman hot for sex. If she’s not totally impressed with how you’re prepping yourself up, chances are she’s going to find it tough to get sexually aroused.

Even if you’re already putting on your A-game while at it.

Keep in mind to always take regular showers, use deodorant and get rid of excess facial hair that aren’t just going to make you look unkempt, but can be also annoying when you go down on her.

Taking care of your oral health as meticulously as you can is a priority as well. Or else you’ll be at risk of losing your erections and possibly a lot of health issues in the long run.

Build up her sexual excitement.

When it comes to making your lover feel hot in bed, remembering the phrase “slowly, but surely” is very important.

See, the sensations your lover will experience from the stimulation you’re doing become more intense (meaning “gives more sexual pleasure”) if you do them in a teasing way. The slower you kiss or caress her sexy bits, the more she’ll find them pleasurable.

Make it a point to stimulate this generally overlooked erogenous zone on your next sex session, too. You’ll simply be surprised with the results.

Let her call all the shots.

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure you don’t ask your lover how she wants things to be done. Well, better take note of this the next time you two get frisky in the bedroom.

Come to think of it. Who would know how to please your partner between the sheets better than her? Simply ask her how you should do things as you go along and you’re going to be on the right track in no time.

Making her reach the Big O won’t be that difficult when you do this, too.

Do you want to boost your chances of acing a date?

Do you want to boost your chances at acing a date?

Let me get this straight first before we go on with today’s post…

No matter how many times you’ve already gone on a date with a woman, you still won’t be able to become a “master” at it like a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” out there are saying.

This is because each date is going to be very unique. Sure there may be factors that will turn out similar as you go along, but every one of them is sure going to be a different experience for you and your date.

Now while I’ve already shared how keeping a close eye on your grooming and listening intently to a woman when you’re engaged in conversation will boost your chances of acing a date, I will now give a few pointers on what not to do during one.

Make sure you read on to find out more…

Never arrive late.

This is definitely one of the biggest dating mistakes that you’ll ever make because it will set off two crucial effects that can easily ruin the whole thing for a woman.

First, it will give your date the impression that you are irresponsible. It really doesn’t matter if you’re only five or ten minutes over the schedule. It will be very tricky for you to establish a connection with her if she starts to feel this way.

Second, arriving late on a date gives a woman the notion you’re really not that interested in her, which already gives you an idea how the rest of it will play out.

Never discuss serious stuff.

Women consider dates as fun social events where they get to know a man better. On the other hand, most guys tend to see them as a chance to kick off a romantic relationship.

Although there’s nothing wrong with discussing serious things if you’ve already made a close connection with a woman, simply breaking the ice with something like her idea of marriage and how many kids she’d like to have is only going to lead to disaster.

Stick with the trivial stuff when having a conversation with your date and you’ll be just fine.

Never assume anything.

I know convincing a woman to go on a date with you is already an achievement, but never think that it’s because she has a crush on you or some similar idea.

Sure this may sound rather crazy, but having this mindset can make you unconsciously do things that can make her feel uncomfortable like being too touchy-feely and being fresh while at it.

Simply bear in mind that it’s either you play your cards right or completely blow your chances.