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Looking to boost your chances of her going down on you? Read this.

Looking to boost your chances of her going down on you? Read this.

When it comes to really getting down and dirty between the sheets, I’m betting that getting oral action from your lover is one of the things that can be found in your sexual checklist.

But the thing is you simply can’t seem to convince your partner to go down on you anymore these days.

This isn’t the time to start worrying that you won’t get another blowjob from your lover though. Make sure you read on to find out how you can boost your chances of her going down on you the next time you two get frisky in bed…

Let her call the shots.

Allowing your lover to take charge of the action easily encourages her to become wilder in bed. Besides enabling her to channel her inner vixen while you two are at it between the sheets, chances are she will be more open to trying new stuff during sex like exploring south of your border.

And when your partner feels that she’s getting more adventurous in the bedroom, it won’t be that tricky for you to convince her to start things off when oral action is concerned as well. How’s that for two for two?

Give her amazing oral sex.

Encouraging your lover to go down on you can be rather difficult if she doesn’t regularly get oral attention when you two are getting things hot between the sheets. Simply doing it half-heartedly doesn’t count either.

If your partner thinks that your oral repertoire isn’t that nice in the first place, she won’t be that excited to work her magic using her mouth, tongue and lips when she gets the chance. Or if ever you convince her to do it.

However, if a woman thinks you give great head each time you go down on her, you’ll be surprised how excited and grateful when she has her turn.

Don’t be a whiner.

A lot of guys mistakenly ask their lovers over and over during sex about getting a blowjob. Apart from sounding really desperate, this also ruins a woman’s mood to get wild and crazy between the sheets.

And this means no oral sex for you anytime soon.

If she says no when you ask her to give you a blowjob, don’t pester her about it. There will always be a next time to do the whole process again. The more annoying you appear to her, the lower your chances are getting the oral experience.

So you'd like to make sure that she's sexually aroused each time...

So you’d like to make sure that she’s sexually aroused each time…

Getting a woman hot and ready for action between the sheets is something that takes a bit of time to pull off.

Unlike us guys that can prep up for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, your partner needs to be conditioned physically and mentally to really get her going.

And if you’re noticing these days that your moves are not hitting their mark even if you’re already putting on you’re A-game, here are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure she’s going to get in the mood each and every time…

Get that bedroom spic and span.

I know this sounds crazy, but did you know that keeping your bedroom clean and organized is one way of getting your lover on the right track to sexy time?

As it turns out, a spotless bedroom helps boost the production of feel-good hormones during foreplay. This is because a woman will feel more relaxed, which picks up the pace on the same.

And the more there are of these hormones in her body, the more pleasurable sex for her will be. Plus, it will be easier for you to give her an orgasm while you’re at it.

Isn’t that good reason enough to give your bedroom a bit of cleaning right now?

Grooming is a must.

Sure you may have heard about taking regular showers and using deodorant to smell nice to a woman, but it has a more scientific explanation.

Looking good and smelling pleasant actually raises the levels of serotonin, dopamine and ghrelin in your partner’s body, which are mood-altering hormones that help her system get ready for sexy time.

Besides showers and deodorant, it is also smart to get rid of excess facial hair as well as picking an aftershave or perfume that will make her nostrils curl up. You can also raise your chances of attracting women if you stick to a regular grooming routine.

Use technology to your advantage.

Did you know that sending your lover a kinky email or a text message that’s pretty risqué is one way of prepping her up for action in the bedroom?

See, mental stimulation is much more important to a woman than doing your foreplay magic on her. Remember to make your messages as saucy as you can to really make her brain fire up the endocrine system to let loose as much feel-good hormones as much as possible.

Here are a few reasons that will make you masturbate more...

Here are a few reasons that will make you masturbate more…

Now while I don’t mean being offensive, but I’m pretty sure you’re not new to masturbation and may be doing it once or twice when you’re alone and feeling frisky.

Although jerking off is still getting a bad rap up until now, making self-stimulation a mainstay in your schedule actually has a lot of awesome benefits.

Still not convinced to make “rubbing the nub” or perhaps “applying the hand brake” a regular habit? Here are a few great reasons that will definitely win you over to do so as you follow along…

Self-stimulation feels really good.

Let me start things off with the best reason of all: masturbation is simply an awesome experience each and every time. Now how do you say no to that?

Masturbation helps keep erectile tissues strong.

According to an Australian study in 2003, making it a habit to masturbate in a regular basis can help keep erectile tissues strong and durable.

As it turns out, the tissues that make the penis get rock hard during sexual arousal are basically the same as the ones that you can find in the legs, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

If they aren’t worked out one way or another, they are at risk of weakening and simply sagging out in the long run. Just imagine what would happen if that happened to the erectile tissues in your penis?

Jacking off can help you last longer during sex.

Masturbation is basically one of the simplest (and most pleasurable) ways of learning how to gauge your sexual peak.

You’ll know when you’re the most sexually aroused because you’re the one calling all the shots while at it. If you apply that knowledge to lovemaking, well, you’re totally going to know when to slow down in the middle of the action.

Moreover, you can even have an idea how you can make the experience even more satisfying by experimenting with how you stroke yourself.

Masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer.

One of the key factors that raise your chances of getting prostate cancer in the long run are the impurities that tend to build up along the prostate region.

If they are allowed to build up uncontrollably over time, these impurities are surely going to have a negative effect on your prostate, possibly resulting to cancer.

As it turns out, you are basically getting rid of these impurities when you masturbate because you push them out as you do so. Come to think of it. You’re not just pleasuring yourself when you masturbate.

You are also keeping clear from prostate cancer, too. How cool is that?

Looking to get her wet for sex each time? Check this out.

Looking to get her wet for sex each time? Check this out.

If you’ve been following my posts on HowToLastLongInBed.com for a while now, you probably came across my emphasis on the trickiness of getting a woman ready for a sex session.

Sometimes prepping up your lover for action between the sheets can take place almost immediately. However, there will be also instances where she’ll have a hard time getting wet and wild.

And here are a few easy tricks you need to keep in mind to really get her going in the bedroom when you’re feeling frisky…

Proper grooming is essential.

I am sure you hear this a lot, but making it a point to look and smell nice before you begin the action is a key factor when it comes to getting your lover sufficiently lubricated. If she thinks you stink, well, you’re definitely going to have a hard time pulling off the job.

Work her mentally first.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, women need more than just a lot of stimulation on her physical erogenous zones to kick off her sexual arousal.

No matter how well you stimulate her favorite sexy spots or zero in on the erogenous zones she didn’t know she had, your partner won’t be getting in the mood anytime soon if you don’t excite her mentally while at it.

Apart from giving her a ring out of the blue and describing the things you’ll do to her during lovemaking, you can also text a preview of the sexy stuff you have in mind.

Stimulate her as softly as you can.

I learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that the softest stimulation can potentially produce the most sensual impact if done in the right setting. Do that and she’ll get wet easily.

Use your fingertips to concentrate on her erogenous zones. Take things as slow and easy as soon as you can, too. Lick and kiss tenderly as you go along. You can even nibble on her sexy bits for full effect.

Get her in the dark. Literally.

Blindfolding your partner when you’d like to heat things up in bed takes her senses off the charts.

This is because her mind gets into overdrive when her eyes are covered. Your lover will start imagining things, which will make even the slightest touch or sensation feel really amazing. Her brain is basically doing all the work in the process.

And that leaves you focusing on more important stuff.