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So you'd like to make a first date successful...

So you’d like to make a first date successful…

Now here’s the situation…

After a long time waiting, the woman you’ve got your eye on finally said yes to going out with you on a first date.

Now while you probably know that keeping a close eye on your hygiene and dressing appropriately should be priorities in your checklist, a lot of guys seem to overlook a few first date to-do’s that can easily ruin the whole thing.

Make sure you keep the following first date essentials in mind so you’ll really impress the woman you are going out with while at it…

Get the details of your first date straightened out.

Unlike what most men mistakenly think, taking a woman out for the first time isn’t just about deciding which place to have your date, pick her up on the day and impressing her all the way so she’ll go out with you again.

Make it a point to have all of the details of your date properly taken care of. Apart from picking the venue, go the extra mile of asking her preferences when it comes to food and drinks. Knowing an activity she likes doing is also an advantage.

This is because you will make your date feel that you really care for her, which is a key factor when you’re looking to build an emotional connection with a woman. In short, that means earning extra brownie points right then and there.

Keep the discussion fun and trivial.

A lot of guys seem to forget that a first date is all about knowing a woman better. It’s not a job interview or something that involves knowing her educational attainment or perhaps political leaning.

Make it a point to keep the discussion as fun and trivial as you can. Being too serious can make the whole thing feel awkward and rather uncomfortable.

And unless she’s the one who brings it up, never talk about marriage and how many kids you’d like to have in the future.Instead, ask her something light like what’s her favorite book or perhaps the name of her first pet.

You will be surprised how free-flowing the discussion will be. Moreover, you’ll also know a few things that you can use to dazzle her even more as you go along with your date.

Be a gentleman.

Showing a bit of chivalry is definitely a must during a first date. Make her feel that you’re a true gentleman by opening doors for her, pulling her chair as well as offering your jacket when the weather’s nippy.

Sure some guys may think that this is rather corny, but you will simply be amazed with the results. Again, it’s extra brownie points right there and you’d definitely want that.



Looking to give her an amazing experience the next time you go down on her? Read this.

Looking to give your lover an amazing experience the next time you go down on her? Read this.

I received a lot of emails from readers concerning oral sex when I checked my inbox this morning.

Apart from asking pointers on how to make the experience more pleasurable for their lovers, there were also requests for random tips on the same.

However, instead of giving tips, I decided to make this post all about oral sex essentials that you need to keep in mind to really make sure that your partner will have an amazing time the next time you go down on her.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Your bedroom should be spic and span.

Now while this may not sound like an oral sex essential at first, keeping in mind that your bedroom is clean and organized is a must if you’re looking to really give you lover an experience she won’t forget anytime soon when you explore south of her border.

This is because a woman needs to be completely calm and relaxed to really enjoy lovemaking, including oral sex. Instead of producing and releasing feel-good hormones, the brain will only churn out their stress-inducing counterparts.

And these hormones will only make your lover feel anxious and jittery the whole time, which can prevent her from really enjoying the experience.

Don’t make a beeline for her vagina and clitoris.

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably think that going down on your lover is all about instantly focusing on her vagina and clitoris. However, this is actually the wrong thing to do.

Stimulating your partner down there before she’s totally warmed up for sex is only going to be an experience that’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable, if not to the point of being painful. And you don’t want her to feel like that, do you?

You can start by kissing and caressing her other sexy bits like the breasts or neck to kick things off. If you play your cards right, she’ll be ready for action in no time.

Talk to her.

Communicating with your lover when you go down on her is key if you’ like to give her an awesome time in the process. I mean, who would give you the best advice on how to do it perfectly, right?

Ask her how soft or hard you do it. Ask which specific spots she wants to be stimulated. Simply let her guide you as you go along. You’ll be very surprised how much she will enjoy the experience.


Here are a few anal sex mistakes you should keep clear of...

Here are a few anal sex mistakes you should always keep clear of…

I’m pretty sure that going at it in the backdoor the next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom is on your sexual bucket list.

Having anal sex is practically one of the most popular sexual fantasies a lot of guys would want to experience for themselves between the sheets.

However, there are also a lot of things that men tend to mistakenly think about anally penetrating their partners during sex. And we’re going to discuss the most significant ones as you go along…

A woman can have anal sex anytime she wants.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, anal sex is something that women need to get the hang of. Sure you may see it almost routine when you watch a porn movie, but it’s nowhere near like it in real life.

Apart from making the whole thing totally uncomfortable for your partner to the point of being painful, not prepping her up properly for anal sex can also condition her mind not to do it ever again.

Make it a point to talk to your lover about your plan of having anal with her beforehand and not just surprising her in the middle of your sex session with a sudden change of penetration strategy.

There’s always a next time if she says no though.

It’s okay not to have lots of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the natural ability to produce lubrication, so it’s up to you to really make your anal sex session to be as smooth as possible by having the right amount of lubrication while at it.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to lube is you can never have enough of it. If you think you’ve already got a sufficient amount, double it up just to really make sure. And it’s also a great idea if you stick to water-based ones in the process.

You can go at it fast and furious.

Akin to regular vaginal sex, kicking off anal sex like there’s no tomorrow is absolutely a no-no. Again, this isn’t a porn movie that we’re talking about.

Besides the possibility that your lover is going to be extremely anxious while you’re getting in action, there’s also a chance that the lube won’t be working its magic properly. She’ll only find the whole experience terrible, which isn’t the overall outlook that you’re gunning for.

Start slow and stay at it as you go along. Unless your lover asks you to rev up the rhythm to a new level, it’s still best to keep things slow and easy.

So you'd like to brush up on kissing essentials...

So you’d like to brush up on kissing essentials…

I got the chance to catch up with old pals the other evening while checking out a few medical journals at the local library and I’m very lucky to run into Chloe, a friend and colleague when it comes to dating research.

While we were sharing a few drinks at the bar, the discussion was primed on the things that men unknowingly botch up when they already established an emotional connection with their dates.

Surely, Chloe stepped up to the plate and began sharing very useful pointers about one key thing that a lot of guys seem to overlook on the subject: kissing. Make sure you read on to find out the awesome tips she shared…

Don’t be assuming.

Sure you may feel that your date is already into you, but it doesn’t mean that she’s hyped up to share a kiss with you anytime soon.

Just imagine the disaster that will take place if you simply became too assuming in the process.

Apart from making sure that she’s sending the right signals, it’s also a smart idea to wait for your date to initiate the whole thing. One key thing to keep an eye on is if she’s getting too close physically than usual.

Be gentle.

So she’s already leaning in for a kiss…

No matter how much you’re tempted to start getting right in action, make it a point to take things slow and easy.

Start with a few exploratory pecks here and there. Do this to zero in on the areas where she likes to be kissed so you’ll know where to focus on when the action really picks up sooner or later.

Absolutely no tongue.

Although it’s pretty normal to get really excited when you and your date are already locking lips, keep in mind that shoving your tongue in there unexpectedly is just going to ruin her mood.

And no matter what you think, it’s not sexy.

Come to think of it. Put yourself in your date’s shoes. Wouldn’t it be really weird if someone did that to you when you’re just warming up?

Let her run the show.

If you’re really looking to score extra brownie points while you’re already sharing a kiss with your date, keep in mind to let her call all the shots while you’re at it.

Believe me this is the best way to go.

This is because your date will show her yourself how she’d like things to be done and she will also think that you’re patient and easygoing, which takes your emotional bond up a notch even higher.