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Here are some reasons why you shouldn't drink too much...

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t drink too much…

As a guy, I’m pretty sure you have your favorite brew to indulge in whenever you’d like to unwind after a hard day’s work or perhaps just chill out.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with having a serving or two of your preferred drink daily since it can help boost your erections, overdoing it is simply going to hurt your sex life before you know it.

Sure this sounds rather crazy right now, but you’re definitely going to ease up on the drinking when you check out the following negative effects of too much alcohol to your sex life…

It prevents you from getting in action in bed.

Let’s kick things off with the biggest reason why you shouldn’t abuse alcohol. You are simply going to be unable to get things hot in the bedroom with your lover because you are intoxicated.

Besides preventing you from pushing her buttons and getting your partner going in bed, your senses are going to be dulled while at it, making the experience rather flat and awkward.

It lowers your sexual stamina.

Your body needs an ideal amount of water to function properly. If the water levels in your system get lower than it should be, key body functions are going to be affected almost immediately.

And this also includes sexual function.

See, water plays an important role in keeping channels where blood flows through like veins arteries as well as vessels supple and hydrated. When these channels get a bit dry, blood won’t flow properly through them and prevent it from getting where it’s supposed to.

Since the vital organs need blood to raise energy levels and keep your body running nicely, you’ll feel easily tired and sluggish when this happens.

As a diuretic, drinking too much alcohol forces a lot of water out of your body in a short span of time, which affects blood flow and, in turn, cuts down your sexual stamina. Not mentioning making it hard for you to get rock hard on demand.

Your testosterone levels will dip down.

When you have one too many of your favorite alcoholic drink every day, it will cause the testosterone levels in your body to go down. If this isn’t fixed, this constant drop in testosterone will trigger a problem called cognitive interference in the long run.

Apart from making it hard for you to function like you’re supposed to when you and your lover start to get frisky between the sheets, you will also have a tricky time staying sexually aroused as well as reaching the Big O during lovemaking.

Now how’s that for frustrating?

Do you want to give her better foreplay? Make sure you check this out.

Do you want to give her better foreplay? Make sure you check this out.

Foreplay definitely plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover an unforgettable time between the sheets.

Apart from warming her up sexually so she won’t have trouble getting ready for action as you go along, keeping in mind to give her superb foreplay also makes it easier for you to make her achieve orgasm.

Again and again. How does that sound?

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, it’s not enough that you know the erogenous zones your partner wants to be stimulated as well as how she wants things to be done when you’re at it to make sure that she will have an awesome foreplay.

Here are a few useful things to keep in mind if you’d like to give your lover better foreplay to really take your sex sessions up a notch…

Don’t rush things.

Taking things slow and easy is the way to go if you’re looking to give your partner an amazing foreplay. This is because rushing your lover when you’re at it only makes her feel anxious and annoyed, which amps up her brain to let loose stress hormones in her body.

And when that happens, chances are she won’t be that excited to keep on going with the foreplay action with you.

Focus on spots you don’t normally stimulate.

One trick I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality is a woman can be immune to the sensations given off by erogenous zones if they are stimulated over and over again.

Sure you may already know the sexy spots she loves, but concentrating on them just every time you are giving her foreplay can make the whole experience flat for her. Try stimulating her erogenous zones that you don’t normally focus on.

That will surely take her excitement up to a whole new level in no time.

Ask her as you go.

A lot of guys think that they know their lovers too well foreplay-wise that they don’t communicate with them while at it.

And this is a very big no-no because they are simply passing up the chance to get premium advice from the best source of surefire foreplay techniques…their lovers themselves.

Make it a point to ask your partner how she wants you to get in action during foreplay. Ask her what erogenous zones to concentrate on as well as how she’d like them to be stimulated. Chances are she’ll have an orgasm while you’re at it, too.

How’s that for two for two?

Looking to brush up on your anal sex smarts? Check this out.

Looking to brush up on your anal sex smarts? Check this out.

So here’s the thing…

You’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you after all this time.

However, the thing is preparing for an anal sex session is a bit different from getting ready for regular vaginal sex. There’s no need to worry just yet though if you need to brush up on stuff.

Here are a few pointers that you should always keep in mind when it comes to anal sex to really give your lover an amazing experience she won’t be forgetting anytime soon…

Anal sex tip #1: Warm her up properly.

Akin to regular vaginal sex, you need to get a woman going for lovemaking first before you start the anal action or else she won’t be that eager to do it. And when that happens, she won’t be enjoying the experience no matter how hard you try.

You need to get your partner very excited between the sheets to make her enjoy anal sex. This should be the very first thing you should do when you’re looking to have anal action with her.

Anal sex tip #2: Prepare lots and lots of lube.

The anus doesn’t have the ability of naturally lubricating itself unlike the vagina. This is the reason why you need to have very ample amounts of lube while at it to avoid making things rather rough when you start things up.

I say “very ample” because having enough is not enough. You need a lot of lube because apart from making the anus ready for penetration, you also need to keep it that way as you go along.

Make it a point to go for water-based lubricants as well since they have a more natural feel that their oil-based counterparts. If you feel that things are getting a bit dry even the slightest, re-apply a coating or two of lube as soon as you can.

Anal sex tip #3: Easy does it.

Unlike what you normally see in porn movies, taking things slow and easy when you’re giving your lover anal sex is the way to go. This is because going too fast or too rough can make the whole thing very uncomfortable for her.

Start slow and stay that way. Unless your lover asks you to pick up the pace while the action is hot, keep things slow and easy. Believe me, the whole experience is going to be more pleasurable for you as well.

I'm pretty sure you'll eat more oatmeal after you check this out.

I’m pretty sure you’ll eat more oatmeal after you check this out.

I’m pretty sure you consider having a strong erection one of the most important things to have when you and your lover are already warming things up in the bedroom.

Now while rising up to the occasion isn’t an issue for you these days, there are a number of key factors a lot of guys tend to overlook that can easily make you lose the power and intensity of your erections in the long run.

Make sure you check out the rest of this article to find out a few useful pointers that will definitely help you always rise up to the occasion when you and your partner start getting frisky between the sheets…

Sweat it out!

Making regular exercise a part of your schedule is a priority if you’d like to keep your erections as strong as ever. This is because you are basically optimizing your body’s circulation every time you have a vigorous physical activity.

And when it comes to getting strong erections, having ideal blood flow is an essential.

When the erectile tissues in the penis don’t get the blood they need, you’re only going to either have a very weak erection that will fizzle out sooner than you’d like to or perhaps you won’t get hard at all.

I’m not saying that you should start becoming a fitness buff to achieve this. Simply making it a point to exercise at least 15 minutes daily like going on a slow jog or taking the treadmill for a spin will already do the trick.

Kick your smoking habit!

Sure you may think that having a puff of your favorite cigarette can help you feel calmer when you need to chill out, but habitually smoking is basically one of the worst things that you can do for your erections.

See, apart from inhaling nicotine, you are also introducing a lot of toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc in your body as soon as they enter your system. These chemicals disrupt your circulation bit by bit until the whole thing gets out of control.

And when this happens, your erections are sure going to be affected.

Eat oatmeal!

I know this one sounds rather odd, but keeping in mind to eat oatmeal regularly helps stave off the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the channels where blood flows through.

When bad cholesterol levels shoot up like crazy, they force the lining of these channels to thicken up and prevent blood from flowing through. Apart from putting your erections at risk, you will be also susceptible to health problems like heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease when this happens.