How To Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable For Her

So you'd like to make anal sex more pleasurable for her...

So you’d like to make anal sex more pleasurable for her…

And you’ve finally convinced your lover to give anal sex a try…

The thing is your partner doesn’t find it as pleasurable as she expected and there’s a chance she will drop anal sex from your lovemaking checklist completely if you don’t fix the whole thing fast.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place and I’ll share a few useful pointers on how to do just that without a hitch when you follow along…

Prep up your bedroom meticulously.

Sure this may sound surprising, but really giving your lover the anal sex pleasure she’s always wanted starts with the way you prep up your bedroom.

See, the state of your bedroom means a great deal to your partner since it is plays a key role in her sexual arousal. If she thinks your bedroom is clean and organized, you won’t find it tricky to get her in the mood for anal action and make her enjoy it.

If she thinks the whole thing is messy…well, you’re definitely going to have a difficult time getting things on the right track. A bit of cleaning and organizing in a regular basis will go a very long way.

Don’t be pushy.

Unlike regular vaginal sex, anal sex is something that may be rather new to your lover. So the idea of getting it on with her in the backdoor may take a bit of getting used to for her part.

Never sound bossy or pushy while you’re at it or else she won’t warm up to the whole thing no matter how hard you try. Be very patient and don’t rush your partner if she’s still not up to it. Better yet, let her call all the shots the whole time to pick up the pace on her sexual arousal.

Stock up on a lot of lube.

You can’t have anal sex without the appropriate lubrication. And don’t just settle for a handful or two. If you’re looking to really make your lover enjoy anal sex more, grab twice the amount than you think you’ll need.

And go for the water-based variety to keep clear from feeling rather sticky while you’re at it.

Take things slow and easy.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that taking things slow and easy is the way to go when it comes to anal sex.  Going full speed ahead will simply ruin the mood for her in almost no time.

So unless she tells you to pick up the pace, better stick to slow and easy.

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