Dating Mistakes That You Should Always Remember

So you want to get her to go out with you again...

So you want to get her to go out with you again…

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like to make a date as wonderful as you can to convince a woman to go out with you again in the future.

However, unlike what so-called “dating gurus” say, doing just that isn’t about wearing ridiculous outfits or perhaps using rather cheeky pickup lines.

I’ve learned a few useful things during my extensive research into the female psychology to pull this off though. Make sure you read on to find out key mistakes to steer clear of when you’re trying to dazzle a woman during a date…

Dating Mistake #1: You bring a lot of gifts.

Now while giving a woman a simple present during a date is a sweet gesture that definitely earns you a lot of brownie points, bringing too much gifts while at it is already something that sends alarm signals racing in her mind.

This is because you are giving her the notion that you are trying to buy her affection so she will go out with you again sometime. Although I’m not saying that you should never bring a present again on a date, remembering that one will already suffice can help a lot.

Dating Mistake #2: You compliment her a lot.

Let me get this straight. Women like to be complimented. They like to be told how pretty they are, how nice their clothes are or perhaps how their shoes fit them perfectly.

However, the thing is churning out a barrage of compliments in a very short period of time makes a woman feel that you’re not just pulling her leg, but also give her the notion that you’re some guy that she couldn’t trust.

Keep in mind that giving her a couple of sincere, well-timed compliments already does the trick.

Dating Mistake #3: You get too touchy-feely.

Although having physical contact during a date is inevitable, deliberately getting touchy-feely with a woman before you even build an emotional connection with her is an absolute no-no.

Apart from making her feel awkward and annoyed, there will also be a sudden spike of stress hormones in her body. And when this happens, she will feel anxious, impatient and just wanting to leave in no time.

One thing you can do is wait for her to touch you first. If you play cards right, chances are she will sooner or later so just be patient and stay cool.

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