Mistakes That Prevent Her From Getting Sexually Aroused

Do you feel your moves in bed aren't getting the job done anymore? Read this.

Do you feel your moves in bed aren’t getting the job done anymore? Read this.

So here’s the thing…

Women aren’t like guys that can get easily get in the mood for action in bed at the drop of a hat.

And unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think and a lot of so-called “sex gurus” say, there isn’t a secret strategy that can speed up the whole process.  It’s either you work hard for it between the sheets or else she won’t be getting in the mood for lovemaking anytime soon.

However, there are mistakes that you should always keep clear of if you’re looking to get your partner sexually aroused. And make sure you follow along to find out what they are to really get her sizzling hot…

You make sex only a physical thing.

Let’s start things off with one of the biggest differences men and women have when it comes to sex.

The male version of sex is generally the physical side, which covers everything from thrusting, feeling awesome and reaching the Big O. However, although the female version is also part physical, it also involves mental stimulation.

Once you get her mind racing, getting her going between the sheets won’t be a problem.

Make it a point to tease your partner mentally first before you start heating things up in bed. One simple way to pull this off is to fire up your mobile phone or computer and send her naughty text messages or emails.

You do the same moves again and again.

Try putting yourself in your lover’s shoes for a moment.

How would you feel if you’re looking forward to a sizzling time between the sheets and you simply end up getting stimulated in the same erogenous zones by your partner, experiencing the same techniques and basically going through the same thing like the last time?

The whole sex session will simply end up boring, right? And that can be a deal breaker when sexual arousal is concerned.

Well, this is the same thing a woman will feel, too. Keep in mind to mix things up each and every time you two get frisky in bed and you’re sure to be on the right track.

You assume you know what your partner wants in bed.

One really big mistake a lot of guys make when it comes to making a woman sexually aroused is simply going ahead and doing stuff that they think will give their lovers pleasurable sensations.

There is a very big possibility that either the things in your sexual checklist aren’t hitting their mark or she’s not feeling any pleasurable sensation from them at all.

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