Confidence Boosters That Will Make You Feel More Comfortable Around Women

Looking to boost your confidence around women? Check this out.

Looking to boost your confidence around women? Check this out.

I’m pretty sure that you’d like to have a boost of confidence when it comes to social situations where you’re mingling with women.

Unlike what most guys mistakenly think though, doing just that isn’t about following ridiculous tips from “dating gurus” and getting your hands on products that claim to take your confidence levels through the roof.

There are actually natural and simple ways to pull it off and I’ll show them to you when you follow along…

Keep an eye on your hygiene.

Now while this may sound rather surprising, making it a point to keep a close eye on your hygiene is one effective way of raising your confidence levels up a notch. This is because knowing you look and smell good sets off a reaction in the brain that stimulates it to let loose positive mood-altering hormones almost immediately.

Always remember to take regular showers, splash on deodorant as well as brushing your pearly whites and flossing your gums daily.  It also helps if you get rid of too much facial hair that can make you look unkempt while at it.

Having a spritz or two of a pleasant-smelling cologne or perfume is a smart addition to your checklist as well.

Learn to listen intently.

Did you know that listening intently is a skill that you should have when boosting your confidence around women is concerned?

This is because properly engaging a woman in a meaningful conversation allows you to build an emotional connection with her that helps your brain see the whole thing as a pleasurable experience and loads you up with feel-good hormones that will easily help you get in the zone almost immediately.

As a bonus, you can easily pick up a lot of useful information that you can use to dazzle a woman when you convince her to go on a date with you. Knowing a woman’s favorite movie or book is a big deal to her, so it’s definitely more brownie points for you.

How’s that for awesome?


One interesting thing I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male psychology is smiling instantly makes you feel good almost instantly.

This is because the brain associates smiling as a happy expression. And when things are in a happy mood, the brain releases happy hormones. It’s as easy as that.

Plus, you will also look more handsome when you flash your pearly whites.

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