3 Dating Mistakes You Should Always Keep Clear Of

Your chances of reeling her in go higher if you avoid these dating mistakes...

Your chances of reeling her in go higher if you avoid these dating mistakes…

I’m really disappointed at so-called “dating gurus” who tell guys that acing dates is all about knowing a few tricks that supposedly make women more attracted to you.

The say that apart from dressing outrageously to get a woman’s attention and keep her engaged, having a few select words to mix in your conversation also takes your chances of pulling it off easily.

In my years of extensively researching into the female psychology, I didn’t come across such things even a single time. What I did stumble upon though was a few mistakes that can make your date with a woman you like go south in no time.

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Not focusing your entire attention on her.

A woman expects that your full attention should be on her on a date. If she thinks that you’re distracted or perhaps not concentrating on her fully, chances are your date won’t turn out like you’ve expected. This applies to all dates, not just the first one.

Now while you may think that you’re concentrating all your attention on the woman you’re out with during a date, you may be doing a few things that can give her the notion that you are not giving her the attention that she deserves.

And one of these things is checking your phone most of the time. This makes your date feel that you aren’t that interested in her. Make it a point to put off those texts, calls including status posts and tweets and you’re on the right track.

Not listening to her intently.

When it comes to making a woman like you, it isn’t about luck or using magic words. It’s actually about establishing an emotional connection with her. And doing just that involves making her feel that you’re fun to be with and she can trust you.

Sure that may sound rather tricky, but you can pull it off by listening to her intently when you are having a discussion. Listening is a big deal to women and if she feels that you’re all ears when she talks, you’re good to go.

Plus, you can learn a lot of things about the woman you’re out with that you can use to dazzle her even more.

Not planning your date properly.

Although being spontaneous is key when it comes to making a date unforgettable, keeping in mind to plan a few important things is sure to seal the deal.

Examples of things you should plan include the venue of your date, the foods you will munch on, the drinks you’ll enjoy as well as the activities that you will do during your date. This doesn’t just make your date more exciting, but also give the woman you’re out with the notion that you’re a responsible guy.

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