Remember These When You’re Giving Her Oral Sex

So she's not into oral sex anymore...

So she’s not into oral sex anymore…

Stimulating your lover orally is definitely one way to get her off when things get hot and heavy in the bedroom. The thing is, however, she seems not that excited anymore when you start exploring south of her border when the both of you get frisky.

This isn’t the time to get depressed and decide to stop giving her oral sex altogether though. You only have to keep the following useful tips in mind to really give her a mind-blowing experience she won’t forget anytime soon…

Clean your bedroom.

Now while this sounds rather far from giving your lover oral sex satisfaction, making sure your bedroom is spic and span is a priority if you’d like her to feel so. This is because a woman can’t fully enjoy sex if she isn’t totally relaxed.

And one of the things that really irk a woman and get her stressing out in no time at all? A messy bedroom.

Pulling this off isn’t quite tricky at all unlike what most guys think. You only have to make your bed when you get up, arrange stuff that have gone askew and do a bit of cleaning every week. Not so complicated now, isn’t it?

Start things slow and easy.

Unlike what porn movies show you, making a beeline for your lover’s genitals and start stimulating them like there’s no tomorrow is just simply going to annoy her. There’s even a possibility that she will find it extremely uncomfortable as well.

She’ll also have the notion that you’re getting impatient to get things done during this time. And that easily ruins the mood for her in almost no time.

Remember to take things slow and easy when you go down on your lover to make sure things will go smoothly. Don’t be too rough on your stimulation while at it, too. Just take things up a notch when your partner says so.

Don’t worry. She will tell you.

Don’t focus on one area only.

One big mistake a lot of men do during oral sex is concentrating on one area only, like the clitoris or the vagina. Stimulating your lover orally isn’t just limited to one part only. You can even pleasure her breasts and other erogenous zones while at it, too.

Moreover, you can even mix things up by stimulating her genitals and then moving up to her breasts and upper erogenous zones while you’re getting in action. Just imagine the sensations she will feel when you do this.

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