Reasons Why You Should Not Abuse Alcohol

Here are a few good reasons why you should not abuse alcohol...

Here are a few good reasons why you should not abuse alcohol…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you’ve probably come across my posts about moderately consuming alcohol as a rather tasty way to boost heart health and improve your sexual performance.

However, making it a habit to drink one too many servings of your favorite brew can easily lead to problems between the sheets. Make sure you follow along to learn the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption that can be a hassle during lovemaking.

Alcohol can sap your sex drive.

Now while having a serving or two of your booze of choice when you’d like to unwind won’t lead to sexual issues immediately, consuming a lot of it at one time sets off a very common result that you may have had experienced once or twice already.

And this effect is called a hangover.

Apart from making you feel very weak and sick, a hangover also causes terrible bouts of headache and tired muscles. If you’re feeling like this, would you still have the drive to get things hot and steamy in bed with your lover?

Alcohol can prevent you from enjoying sex altogether.

During my extensive research into the male sexuality, I’ve discovered that having too much to drink lots of times can stop particular parts of the nervous system from functioning ideally. And what’s scary about this is these parts of the nervous system that control sexual function.

Again, this effect only surfaces over time, which can suddenly manifest the least you expect it. This isn’t something that happens instantly. Isn’t that frightening when you go through this when you and your partner start to get busy between the sheets?

You can easily miss out on key sexual functions from getting a stable erection to experiencing the pleasurable sensations during lovemaking. Just remember to keep the portions you’re drinking moderate and you’ll be fine.

Alcohol can limit the flow of blood in the body.

Blood plays a key role when it comes to sexual function. Apart from helping you get rock hard and keep you that way until orgasm is achieved, it also helps take the sensitivity of the erogenous zones up a notch so you will enjoy every second of it.

Consuming lots of alcohol in one sitting stimulates your kidneys and bladder to release a substantial amount of water, which is needed by the blood vessels to stay flexible and stretchy to do their jobs properly.

When these blood vessels lose their flexibility, blood won’t be able to flow ideally to where they are supposed to go, particularly during sexual arousal. And when that happens, your erections could be at risk of fizzling out sooner than you’d like.

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