3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Not Smoke If You Want To Become Better In Bed

Here's how smoking can ruin your sex life...

Here’s how smoking can ruin your sex life…

So you have the habit of smoking to relieve stress and relax…

Well, to tell you the truth, you’re already putting your sex life at risk of crumbling down if you’re a chronic smoker. Still not convinced to kick the habit anytime soon?

Here are a few reasons that may just help you change your mind…

Smoking makes you smell really bad.

If you’ve been reading HowToLastLongInBed.com posts for a while now, I’m pretty sure that you already came across lots of articles where I’ve emphasized that hygiene plays a key role when it comes the getting a woman sexually aroused.

And let’s kick things off with the most noticeable effect of smoking. You’re going to smell like an ashtray. And if your lover is anything like most women, she won’t be that hot for action between the sheets if you reeked of cigarette smoke.

Just to make things worse, smoking habitually also causes your breath to stink and your teeth to stain, which will surely sap her sexual arousal even more.

Smoking sets off a shortage of testosterone.

The male sex hormone called testosterone is responsible for your sex drive and getting your body ready for lovemaking. You will simply feel not up to sex as much as before when its levels dip down in your system.

And one of the biggest causes of dropping testosterone levels in the body? Smoking in a regular basis. As it turns out, cigarettes contain numerous toxic chemicals that can affect the production of testosterone sooner or later.

Moreover, these chemicals also set off a lot of serious health problems in the long run like emphysema, lung cancer, tooth decay and high blood pressure, which can greatly affect your sexual performance.

Smoking tightens the blood channels.

Did you know that every puff you have when you light up a cigarette sends a lot of toxic chemicals straight to your bloodstream almost instantly? And when this happens, an effect called vasoconstriction is triggered.

Vasoconstriction is basically the unnatural tightening of blood vessels as a reaction to the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. This makes the blood flow through them extremely difficult. Besides causing erectile dysfunction, your sexual stamina is also going to be compromised.

If not given the right medical attention, vasoconstriction can lead to very serious health risks like hypertension, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems that can become fatal.

So are you ready to quit yet?

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